Sunday, January 08, 2006

Daily Farm Photo: 1/8/06

The Advantage Of Taking A Late Walk On The Ridge Above The Farm


  1. What a beautiful sky! Quite peaceful as well.

  2. Stunning! We've had a lot of beautiful winter sunsets lately. Simply lovely.

  3. That is an amazing sunset!

  4. Has anyone told you lately that you have lovely handwriting?

    You do.


  5. Oh, that is just lovely!

  6. wow, look at the colors in the sky. beautiful, just beautiful. i recently finished a meme and i thought of you farmgirl:)

  7. Some people go on vacation to see such wonders ... I just visit your site and a sense of serenity overcomes me. Wonderful pics ... thanks for posting.

  8. You know, you should make calendars with the photos you take! I have been shopping for my 2006 calendar (I know, I'm late) and this photo rivals the best of them.

  9. Sights like that are all around us, but few people have the heart and eye to see them. Thanks for sharing your beauty with the rest of the world.


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