Monday, March 27, 2006

Daily Farm Photo: 3/27/06

Happy Birthday To My Sweetheart, Joe


  1. Happy Birthday Joe! from one of the Farmgirl Fans!

    Hope your day is blessed with love, happy thoughts, and hugs from Farmgirl!

  2. Happy Birthday Joe! That name is very special to me since it was my father's name.

    PS. Don't let Susan feed you a PBJ today. I think a dinner in town would be better!

  3. Have a great day Joe! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Joe!!! I've had people threaten to give me a box of rocks, and now seeing Susan's I think it might not be such a bad deal!

  5. What a fantastic picture! Happy Birthday!

  6. wonderful picture! Did you find all these??

    Happy Birthday, Joe!

  7. Happy Birthday Joe! Have a great farm-day!

  8. Happy Birthday, Joe!

  9. happy birthday Joe
    as the greeks say
    may you live till the hundredth

    OT.... i leave in few hrs...

  10. that is so cool ... at first they were just rocks ... then ... hearts!

  11. Happy wonderful birthday, Joe!

  12. Happy Birthday,Joe!Have fun..(as if your not already with all those lovely farm animals!)
    Have a great day..:)

  13. Happy Birthday, Joe!

    Love the rock hearts!

  14. Happy Day Joe !! I hope you had a great day.

  15. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks so much for all your warm happy birthday wishes. Joe didn't know I was going to put up this photo or announce his birthday, and hearing from so many friends around the world was a great surprise for him. Between that and the absolutely amazing lemon bars (it wouldn't be his birthday without something lemony) I made using this recipe from Tania at the charming Candied Quince, it made for quite a day!

    P.S. Hi Kate,
    Yep, I found all these rocks (and quite a few more) around the farm and on the ridge above it where we take our daily walks through the woods. I'm getting quite addicted to them. I absolutely, well, heart my heart rocks!

  16. Hey, that is so sweet! If you have a chance, check out
    for the stepping stone picture in the tea garden...
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. I am a recent fan of the farmgirl fare, and I just found this blog about the heart-shaped rocks. I have collected heart-shaped rocks for several years now all over the world and plan to give them to my someday husband. You're right, it is an addiction!


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