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Finding Foodies

Freshly Dug Potatoes

CountryGoalie recently left this comment on my Savory Tomato Pesto Pie post:

"This may sound a bit ridiculous coming from someone who has only just made her first batch of granola, and who only recently discovered breadmaking, but...... what are some of the symptoms of becoming a foodie? I fear I am beginning to develop them. Please, do tell!"

Rather than simply list a few of the characteristics that I personally think classify someone as a foodie, I thought I would ask for your help. Are you a foodie? How do you know? Was there some defining moment in your life when you realized you had crossed over the line between living on food and living for food--or did you gradually just keep coming down with more and more symptoms until the diagnosis was blatantly obvious?

I'm sure there must be more concerned eaters like CountryGoalie out there who are simply afraid to speak up (or admit that they have indeed become one of us). For their sake, let's define a foodie once and for all.

Do you routinely harvest dinner in the dark? Has it been suggested to you that if you want your salad that fresh perhaps you should be out grazing with the sheep? After a week long visit with your mother, did your significant other turn to you and say, in a slightly uneasy whisper, "All you two talked about was food?" Those would all be me. So what about you?

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And finally, for those of you who have been asking--I am definitely not a vegetarian. I am, however, extremely picky about the meat I do eat.

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  1. Planning dinner before even having breakfast. That means you're a foodie.

  2. If you'll only eat tomatoes in season you're a foodie.

    If you have more than two types of salt in the cupboard you're a foodie.

    If your chocolate is shade-grown single Estate you're a foodie.

    If you spend more on vacations in restaurants than on airfare and hotels you're a foodie.

  3. Susan,
    You mind want to direct concerned proto-foodies to this little questionaire.

  4. Some of us live in tiny apartments and are too poor right now to be a true foodie - but we do find comfort in watching gardening shows (dreaming of the day we can recreate our vision of our grandfather's garden - the most perfect place in the world) and Food Network (dreaming of the day we can afford free-range chicken), trying out what recipes we can on our limited budget and maybe growing the occasional giant pot of tomatoes on our tiny balconies...

  5. My $1000+ collection of Le Crueset Pots (only one of which I bought at retail...).

    The fact that I will only eat chocolate that my Dutch friend brings me directly from Holland (unless it is a DIRE emergency, and then I will resign myself to a local specialty shop ;-)).

    The fact that artichokes and hearts of palm are on my weekly shopping list.

    Routinely owning 5 or more different types of vinegar.

    And finally, cooking real meals for myself most nights, even though I am just cooking for one...

    (And I second the owning of more than 2 types of salt, and will add to that, knowing how to use them!!)

  6. When you're lying awake at night because you can't sleep from the excitement of conjuring up a new recipe! THEN you know you're a "foodie"!

    When you get angry at your loved-ones for adding condiments (e.g. salt) to the meal you just slaved over before tasting it first!...You're a "foodie"

  7. Here's a clue -- you may still be eating lunch, but you are already planning dinner (if you haven't already planned it days or weeks ahead). I could go on . . . .

  8. Looks like I echoed what tree said. Also, I agree about at least 2 types of salt, plus having a cupboard of exotic spices and things like tamarind pulp, coconut oil, a shelf of different vinegars, etc. But the particular ingredients, of course, vary by a person's tastes.

  9. Hey farmgirl - we just dug our first potatoes in Wales too - mmmm, I know what I'm having for supper! We're almost ready to harvest our first Marina di Chioggia pumpkin from our allotment too - if growing artisan pumpkins, strange shaped potatoes and purple carrots just to eat doesn't make you a foodie, I don't know what does!

  10. Does living vicariously through blogspots count?

    Nana in still hot Texas, although there is a respite in 3 digits today....

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  12. I think I was a foodie from birth. My mom says my first word was "cookie" - apparently I also married a foodie. His first word was "cheese." (We're talking before mama and dada here).

  13. I've had several "defining moments".

    The first was when my friend pointed out that I hum while eating.

    The next was when I discovered that, strangely, not all people sort their ingredients by what meal they belong to.

    Most recently was a couple of days ago, when one of my colleagues (I work in a bookstore) told me excitedly that five gorgeous young men had arrived, wearing only aprons and tight boxer shorts, to promote a new cookbook. My response was: "Ooh, did they bring food?"

    Everyone looked at me rather strangely.

  14. I'm really enjoying reading these posts.

  15. In spite of a mother who was domestically challenged ( actually, ditto for my father and stepmothers), I won a blue ribbon when I was 9 in 4H for my buttermilk biscuits. My defining foodie moment was tasting a French lamb stew at the age of...oh....24. Life was never the same after that. I agree with every single comment so far!

  16. When your husband is embarrassed to take you out to eat because of the moaning noises you make while eating something incredible....

  17. You know you are a foodie when-

    You REFUSE to eat things that eat dead things. Pigs, Buzzards, Possum, People and the like.

    You write a weekly menu after scouring recipes books on saterdays, and grocery shop and plan your budget every sunday for those special items to make it come true.

    Your Husband is Greedy with your cooking and won't share with anyone, or does it begrudingly, and maybe at

    You create a Recipe Orderly, complete with page protectors and menus
    You only put the "CHOICE" recipes in the binder. For your future Foodie Daughter.

    That's me!

  18. You know you're a foodie if, before traveling to a new destination, the first thing you do is scour the internet (and your friends' brains) for information on the local dining scene.

    You know you're a foodie if all your friends who are traveling call you first to ask if you know a good place to eat at their destination.

    You know you're a foodie if your husband has put you on condiment moratorium, telling you that you must use up all the fancy-ass stuff you buy when you travel, before you bring home any more.

    You know you're a foodie if, when you walk into Sur La Table with your teenaged daughter, she calls it "The Mothership."

    You know you're a foodie if some of your best friends are farmers, ranchers, and chefs.

    You really know you're a foodie if your family knows better than to touch a beautiful plate of food until you've had a chance to photograph it.

    You know you're a foodie if you have clients with restaurants with whom you work strictly for trade, because the food they serve is SO GOOD.


    : D

  19. LMAO!!! "The Mothership." I drool a little every time I go into Sur La Table.

    You know you are a foodie when you just won't stop fiddling with old family recipes and your mother actually thinks your way is better.

    When your relatives and friends ask what you want for your birthda/christmas, you answer "a food mill/pepper grinder/set of Wustof knives..."

    YES on the salt. I think I currently have 5 kinds in my pantry and YES I know how to use them.

    When you tivo Foodtv, ALL the shows so you don't miss any to-die-for recipes.

    When all your magazine subscriptions are about food.

    And if anyone has to-die-for places I need to visit on Hawai'i, I'd appreciate it.

  20. I agree with Pendlerpiken's comment. My boyfriend recently pointed out to me that when I eat, I make an incredible amount of not-so-appropriate-for-the-table noise, and point to my plate at whatever is so tasty that it's made me groan and hum.

    "MMMMMMM! Mmmmhmmmphmmmmm!" [finishes chewing] "This chicken is out of this world!"

  21. If you're 5t0 lbs overweight and haven't eaten any junk food, or stepped foot into a fast food restaurant in years, that's a foodie. Lots and lots of only the good stuff!

  22. Okay, here goes it. This is how I know that I'M a foodie.

    I read "On Food and Cooking". And took notes. No, this wasn't for a class, this was for fun.

    As a sophomore in college, when I lived with 5 other girls, my shelf of the refrigerator typically held wedges of Brie and Parmigiano-Reggiano, hummus, homemade tomato sauce, free-range and hormone free eggs, homemade guacamole, and defrosting chicken stock.

    In the same situation, my pantry shelves held at least 3 different kinds of rice (Aborio, Brown, and Basamati), 2 different salts (table salt for baking and kosher for cooking; I didn't start having sea salt on hand until I graduated), 3-5 different brands of imported dark chocolate, artisan bread and pasta from the farmers' market, herb blends that my roommates stuck their noses up at because they were labled in foreign languages, 3 different olive oils, and 5-7 different vinegars.

    I found myself buying less of really quality things, than my friends who would walk out of the store with bags and bags of junk.

    In an drunken stupor, I once threw out my roommate's can of spray cheese, because I was disgusted to see it in the house.

    I find food products with the word "Whip" in them to be foul words. (ie. Cool Whip, Whip and Chill, Miracle Whip) I give dirty looks to anyone who dares offer said product to me.

    However, I am not one of those foodies who refrains from endulging in comfort food every one in a while. Pasta-Roni with grilled chicken and frozen peas all mixed in rears its ugly head about once a year, as do other things that will remain nameless.

  23. Realizing that in order to travel, you must first call the hotel to determine the kind of creamer they have on hand, the kind of coffee served, and the nearness of a farmer's market. Even if you're only going for one day AND it's all business related.

  24. I think I may have been unintentionally writing on this topic at Toast of late. I discussed the perils of revealing to casual acquaintances that I had a wonderful time spending much of my weekend making apple pectin jelly, for use in making other preserves-with low pectin fruit.

    I'm not too crazy about the word "foodie", though. To me it sound simultaneously trivial, and humourless. But it's not easy coming up with a better word. Mzn, over at Haverchuck (, has conducted a little discussion on the question of an alternate, possibly superior term, from time to time.

  25. I KNOW I'm a foodie because I've even caught myself dreaming of food & chewing it in my sleep!

    I've always been obsessed with food--even as a kid. I was the only kid with the weird ethnic foods in my lunchbox while everyone else ate bologna on white bread.

    Today, I hunger for new tastes from foreign lands, as well as a really great Chicago-style hot dog. My mind is always on the next meal, or how to make something I like or want to taste at home.

  26. I'm with Celeste on the anger that comes from attendees at my table who grab the salt shaker first thing. My husband will also attest to the "salsa sigh." You know, the one you give them when they add salsa to everything. He now asks if he can add a little salsa.
    My food obsession was rather progressive. I worked in a book store and loved the cookbooks, I just didn't know what to do with them. I started experimenting with food as a new stay at home mom. I've gotten more and more snobby about food as time wears on.
    I also think a sign of my addiction is asking my hubby what his co-workers said about the leftovers he took to work that day. "Did anyone notice the Chicken Cordon Bleu?"

  27. You know you're a foodie when you're putting the final touch on a dessert by saying "It just needs a touch of orange blossom water"... and you actually have a bottle of orange blossom water at hand in your cupboard.

    You know you're a foodie when your friends are too intimidated to cook for you.

    And you know you're a foodie when you return home from a family Christmas and take your bag of presents straight to the kitchen to unpack them.

  28. YES on the birthday/christmas presents, YES on the returning home from vacation and straight to the kitchen, YES on the rolling eyes from friends and relatives when they approach the topic of food and you start rattling, YES on your children knowing that the highlight of the day is visiting foreign grocerystores or better still farmer's markets, YES on photographing food before eating. YES when scanning a new recipe's ingredient list and you go: got that, got that, got that, I only have to buy the fresh ingredients....

  29. You're a food geek if...

    You know exactly what herbs/spices you have: whole, ground, granulated, salt, frozen, dried and fresh.

    You know which brand of spices is the best, and how long they'll stay fresh, and when it's time to rotate them out for a new batch..

    You know exactly how to grind/whirl/render/toast your spices for that particular taste.

    You know exactly what's in your cupboards and fridge. To the ounce. "I'm running a little low on rotini." ...and you're remembering this because you're in the store for salad makings.

    You know at least six different techniques to combine:
    to begin a dish. AND a technique can be extrapolated to begin any dish you want, based solely on the ethnic grouping or mouth feel you want.

    You have oil. Lots of oil. Lots of SPECIAL oil. And not the flavored kind, either -- handpressed, family-owned farmed, local, fresh, first press Olive for example.

    In bulk.

    Properly stored.

    With ten minutes of poking around in the kitchen, you can tell what mood you're in. Good mood: "Oh cool! I have all the ingredients for _____!" Bad mood: "There's nothing in here to EAT!"

    One pass through the store to get what's on the list…and for inspiration. The second pass through the store is because you now know what you want for dinner, and need the ingredients.

    The butcher greets you heartily, by name, and asks how the chops were last night.

    A hankering must be satisfied. Hankering for pesto? Make a quart…pesto over tomatoes, pestocream pasta, pesto over rice and chicken, pesto for pumpkin soup, pesto thinned with yogurt for dip…..

    Your co-workers make nummy sounds at how you describe your dinner last night, to the point where it could be described as sexual harrassment. And then they ask you how you find the time.

    You say "I need to spend some money this weekend..." and your SO says "Sur La Table, or Williams-Sonoma?"

  30. if you read cookbooks for inspiration, but hardly ever use them in the preparation of a meal

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  32. I learned a trick in my plant propagation class about planting potatoes (which might be too late for you, but maybe next season). Instead of growing the potatoes underground, plant it in a small circular enclosement (top open) and keep filling it with hay. The potatoes will grow in the hay just like underground and you can harvest by rifling through the hay without pulling up the whole plant. I know I'm almost a year late, but just found your blog about a month ago.

  33. Agree with other posts about the salts, vinegars and of course oils.

    When your other half throws up there hands almost every day and says how can you be so specific.

    When you are prepared to spend 2 days cooking a 5 dish Japanese meal just for yourself.

    when you know all you want is Pimiento de Padron and a cold beer because you've just arrived in Barcelona and its 3pm and you keep walking and making your friends walk untill you find a place that serves it - sat down and tucking in you and your friends say yep that just hit the spot.

    Because you spend months sourcing seeds from around the world so that you can grow your favourite ingredients - or is that a gardening addict - i think i may be both.

    When you go home on a family visit armed with bags of home made and sourced food products.

    When you read cookery books and garden books as bedtime reading.

    well busted on both i think

    I don't mind what anyone adds to anything I've made so long as they enjoy it. I usually put out some form of chilli or seasoned oil just for an extra splash should anyone eant it.

  34. It's only as I've read these comments that I've realised I may be a foodie. In 2nd grade I was the only kid with turkey, avocado and pesto baguettes and always wholemeal bread sandwiches which everyone else called 'poop bread'.

    I just went to Sydney and spent the weeks leading up researching interesting restaurants with good prices and descriptions that made my mouth water, then boring my boyfriend to death with all the plans I had for our meals each day.

    My question is how do I stop from getting ridiculously fat?

  35. I am looking for champagne vinegar, cannot find it anywhere and am getting really frustrated now, but I just can't give up the search. Does that mean I'm a foodie?

    I think a foodie is simply a person who loves to eat, loves to cook and would rather have a kitchen garden than go to the market for fresh produce--even if said kitchen garden is just a planter on a balcony.

  36. A few weeks ago, I went an hour out of my way...on the another get the organic cinnamon cap mushrooms I wanted for my mushroom soup..


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