Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Farm Photo: Mother To Be

Hopefully soon!

This is Zelda. She is, as you can see, extremely pregnant. Last year she had twins - and was the very first sheep to give birth. This year she just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. A week and a half ago I put her in a bonding suite because she was so enormous I figured she was going to have a baby or two any minute.

Nothing happened. For six days.

My guilt and her well being demanded that she be let out, and I figured Sheep Freedom Day was the perfect time. All that fresh spring grass would no doubt jump start her into labor, just like at the New York pizzeria I read about years ago where pregnant women past their due date order a special prego pizza and proceed to go into labor, sometimes while still at the restaurant.

My plan worked beautifully—for two other pregnant ewes.

Meanwhile Zelda is now back in a bonding suite, complaining loudly and looking impossibly huge. Any time, Zelda, any time!

Current lamb count: 27. Number of still pregnant ewes, including Zelda: 5. Number of pregnant ewes who will probably give birth before Zelda: 4.

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  1. Z is for Zelda. Maybe she's going in alphabetical order.

  2. She is huge! Do sheep ever have triples?

  3. Bless her heart! I know how she feels, I was 9 days late with my last child. I love your blog it is beautiful! I have 6 chickens and 2 rabbits. I can't wait until we can have sheep or goats. Have a great Mother's Day.

  4. Holy moly! And I thought my girls were getting large. I still have anywhere from one to three weeks to go...

  5. Wow. Can you imagine the stretch marks she must have? Thank goodness she has a fur coat! I hope she delivers soon.

  6. She looks like she's ready to explode. Hope she has them soon.


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