Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Daily Dose of Cute: Yoga for Pets

The Downward Cat Pose

This is Mr. Midnight. I adopted him a year ago from the animal shelter, along with Topaz and Sarah Kit Kat Kate. They had named him Whiskers, and he had been living there for eight months. (Sarah Kate had also been there for eight months and Topaz had been there for 15 months.) They couldn't find his paperwork because it was still in the PetSmart file. "You mean he went to PetSmart and nobody wanted to adopt him?" I asked. PetSmart stores have a special area where they allow shelter animals to be brought in for adoption—it's a wonderful program, especially for rural, overcrowded shelters like ours.

"Oh he's been there two or three times." PetSmart is 125 miles away.

"How is that possible? He's gorgeous!"

Now I believe that he was simply waiting for me to find him, but it's no wonder he didn't want to get in the cat carrier. He was skittish and frightened and yet purred almost all the way home. He then proceeded to live in a closet for the next couple of weeks. When we realized he came out at night and prowled around (and that Sarah Kate actually had more impressive whiskers than he does), I renamed him Mr. Midnight. It suits him perfectly.

He is sleek and beautiful and about three and a half feet long. He has a small voice and a big purr and went from being offish to not being able to get him off you. When he's not trying to make himself comfortable on my lap (where he never quite fits) he likes, as you can see, to sprawl.

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(Sorry, still no photos up yet of Sylvester)

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  1. I went over and visited "A Place to Bark and Meow and I am in love with "Beulah" & "Cupcake" they are adorable and so big. What a great site and the work they are doing is wonderful. I just wish they weren't needed. Hopefully the new Presidents wish to adopt a pound puppy will help alleviate the over crowding at rescue places.

  2. Perhaps Mr. Midnight is bowing to you his rescuers! Wonderful dose of cute and I cannot imagine why you'd want to lose that couch - it has that retro thing going on like crazy!

  3. I believe rescue animals "know" they've been rescued and when you see them totally relax like Mr. Midnight here... you know you did a good thing!
    We have two rescue dogs and they are 45 & 65 pound lap dogs!

  4. Love the cat stretches! They really do look like they're doing yoga.

  5. Did I mention I LOVE you!!! You are so good to us here:) I have a long haired, Burmese mixed kitten with your name on it!!!

  6. I'm not going to lie--I am a dog person. I love their sloppy enthusiasm. However, my husband and his brothers all grew up with cats, and I think I've caught a little of the cat bug from them. Not a one of these grown men can see, hear, or walk past a cat without meowing at it.

    And now neither can I. Since I inevitably notice adorable animals before I see any nearby people, this has contributed greatly to the fact that more than one of my neighbors is convinced I think I'm a cat.

  7. Gorgeous kitty! I can tell that he loves being there with you. How many cats total do you have there on your farm?

  8. Soooo cute! Cats love to take strange positions in order to sleep/relax! Hilarious!



  9. LOVE that photo! and what a beautiful cat...he looks like an XL version of my (recently-departed) Reina... i always loved it when she would do the big stretches....

  10. He's really a handsome guy! Of my three girls two were adopted through the PetSmart program (one is a fancy Himalayan that's so personable it's hard to imagine someone dumped her but dump her they did). The third of my girls was adopted from my sis who lives in very rural Arkansas where superstitions against black cats really do still run high and their life expectancy isn't good. The vet always admires her pink paw pads which is says is uncommon in black cats, who knew?

  11. People have such preconceived notions about black cats - but the black ones are always the most demonstrative and loving. My parents won't have a home without a black cat.

  12. If I had room for more than two, I'd take a black cat in a heart beat. I think they're beautiful.

    Enjoying your blog as always. Let us know how the bakery is coming when you can.

  13. He looks like my Spook but sleeker. Spook has put on weight for the winter and weighs a ton!

    I love cats but I am keeping them out in the barn this time - no house cats for me, for awhile. The barn is warm and they come to the house in the morning for attention and loving.

    I'm pleased you are adopting - it's the only way to go, isn't it?

  14. There is no animal in the world that does relaxation like a cat.

  15. Sad but true...We are involved with a rescue organization in CA - the "won't adopt a black cat" thing is nationwide - and it applies to black dogs as well. Shelters usually euthanize the black dogs and cats first because they are rarely adopted - and if they are big their chances of finding a home drop to nearly zero.

    I never adopt anything else now - my most recent addition is a 15 lb black male cat who is the love of our lives... and I have also noticed that the black cats are the most loveable as well!

  16. He's beautiful! I've got two black girl kitties and one of them looks just like Mr Midnight. And she's the best cat ever. Seriously, I love her to pieces. She was a stray a nice neighbor lady brought over, and even though I was adamant about not getting another cat, I caved when the little kitten curled up in my arms and fell asleep as soon as she was handed to me.

    Sigh. They get you every time. :)

  17. Hey Susan. Just wanted to say Mr Midnight's attitude seemed similar to that of our very own Betty. I truly believe certain cat breeds display certain similar characteristics and the whole misfit thing seems to be a black cat trait.

    I also wanted to say how the mushroom shots were making me hungry and then I scrolled down to see the breakfast eggs and now I'm dribbling into my laptop! Wouldja stop posting the food porn already!

    Catch up with you soon. XX

  18. What a beauty! Its a shame that people dont like black cats here, I think the UK must be the only country where black cats are considered good luck!

  19. Mr. Midnight is gorgeous (love the name)! Obviously, it was a win-win for everyone and I love the photos of all your animals. Adoption is the way to go!!

  20. Geez, Mr. Midnight. I sure wish you'd make yourself comfortable already.

    Really so sweet.

  21. What a beautiful story! The whole time he was waiting for YOU. Mr. Midnight suits him just fine. :-)

  22. Ohhh, what a beautiful kitty-boy! I think you're right--he was just waiting for you to come take him home. Funny how animals just KNOW things, isn't it?

  23. Great photo! Now, how is it your animals behave when you take a picture? I have at least 50 photos of Domino's - tail, slightly blurred, sneaking out of the viewfinder.

  24. What a beautiful big Boy! I have a gorgeous "panther" cat too and a little fluffy cat. It breaks my heart how many cats are in shelters or on the street who need good homes. You have given them a fine home.I adopted the fluffy cat from the shelter - I don't think they were going to give her much longer. She is a little sweetheart.

  25. Oh Mr. Midnight is handsome! I love the story of when and how you got him. He looks thoroughly happy for sure. :)

  26. I got my kitty from PetSmart and he is just wonderful. He's a stripey though. I did not know that about black cats! How strange...Good to see yours got a nice home where he can relax!

  27. Looks like Mr. Midnight and I have the same yoga book :p *hugs*

  28. I have three persian kitties - all rescues - and those cats sleep like it's their JOB.

    Thanks for the great website!


  29. Bless your heart for adopting him! He is so gorgeous and I love it when cats sprawl out like that! All of our cats came from shelters and our Maine Coon also was at Pet Smart 2 times before we found her at our local shelter-we also felt fortunate to find her and marvel that nobody took her. Lucky us! I have been following your blog for a couple of years and enjoy it so much! Thank you!!!!

  30. Such a great photo. Impossible to look at this picture without wanting to reach out and stroke him!


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