Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Dose of Cute: In Step

Being followed by a sheep - FarmgirlFare.com

Happy birthday to my handsome, hard working, hunky farmguy Joe, my best friend who not only puts up with me, but with all of my crazy critters as well (you know, like the seven donkeys). I love you, sweetheart. You sure know how to make farm life fun.

More sheep? Here.
More hunky farmguy? Here and here.

© FarmgirlFare.com, where tonight's birthday menu includes barbecued pork spareribs with my Easy All Natural Homemade Barbecue Sauce, homemade salted onion rye bread, a kale salad from the kitchen garden, and a freshly baked apple pie—which will of course also be tomorrow's breakfast. And here's a quick pie baking tip: how to make the best pie crust ever? Bake your pie on a pre-heated baking stone—and kiss the word soggy goodbye.


  1. Happy Birthday, Joe! Hope there's a (few) cold beer(s) and some not-sheep-chores fun in store for you today.

  2. Happy Birthday, Joe! Hope you have a great celebration and a wonderful year ahead of you.

    (p.s. Your b'day dinner sounds delicious!!! - Enjoy!)

  3. Happy Birthday Joe! :-) that birthday dinner sounds yum!

  4. Happy Birthday to one hard-working Farm Guy. May life always be good to you!

  5. Have a Happy Birthday, Hunky Farmguy, you deserve it for all the work you do on that lovely piece of land. Birthdays are cool.

  6. Happy new turn around the Sun to hunky Joe. Having a partner who is our best friend too makes the whole shebang worth while. <3 to both (or shall I say ALL) of you!

  7. HB2U, Joe, and a great year to come full of health, happiness and yummy food courtesy of your honey Farmgirl Sue!

  8. Happy Birthday Hunky Farmguy! Hey, do you have a brother? :)

  9. Please teach us how to use a baking stone.

    1. The blast of heat from a hot baking stone is the secret to making fabulous homemade pizzas and breads - and, as I discovered a few years ago, perfect pie crusts.

      The main thing you need to know is that you should never put a cold baking stone in a hot oven, because it can crack or break. You need to put the cold stone in the cold oven, then turn on the heat. A baking stone can take up to an hour to heat through (depending on what temperature you're baking at) so you need to allow that extra time.

      You can read more about using a baking stone in my Easy Pizza Dough Recipe post. :)

  10. Sittin' here on a rainy Wed. in Oregon (what would you expect) eating a cheese sandwich on your plain white sandwich bread. Delightful stuff. I throw a handfull of rolled oats in it and use blue agave sweetyener for a great loaf! Thanx for your output! Curt in Oregon


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