Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Dose of Cute: Ready to Jump into a New Week?

Jasper surrounded by chickens -
It's gonna be great.

More Jasper? Here.
More chickens? Here.

©, where somebody promised you Jasper's story ages ago and then totally forgot to deliver. It's actually a fairly short story, so hopefully I'll get around to telling it soon. Meanwhile he's pretty much taken over the farm.


  1. Well, I hope the story of Jasper is 'sooner' than 'soon on the farm'. We always love to read about your wonderful farm animals and how they came to live with you.

    Thanks, Susan, and have a beautiful week!

  2. I've been waiting to hear the story of how you got Jasper. You promised us a while ago you would take the time to do that "someday...." Also I made 4 loaves of your beer bread and am selling it at our farmers market tomorrow along with other quick breads, cookies and muffins. It is SO easy and delicious!!! I also made you BIG raisin ginger spice cookies for the sale tomorrow... Shirley

  3. Read Bread Alone......couldn't put it down! It gave me the confidence to try my luck at making a couronne yesterday. Used her recipe from the book (made a huge pile of dough), watched a few videos, incorporated all that and voila! I was so proud of that "crown" sitting on my counter. Enough for a separate loaf as well. Thank you for the book suggestion.

  4. Jasper seems to be one awesome cat! I can't believe he is able to wander amidst the chickens without ever being tempted to stalk/chase them. I guess he takes his "Jr. Stock Cat" job seriously! He and Bert are quite the photogenic duo.


  5. Jasper, King of the Farm - this is as it should be, and it is obvious he has found his forever place and fit right in, a little feline jigsaw puzzle piece. Can't wait for the back story -

  6. Your chickens are magnificent!


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