Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I'm Doing 30 Days of Yoga: Care To Join Me?

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Hello, October! Fall is my favorite season on the farm, and the cooler days and refreshing nights are always invigorating. It's time to reflect on how things have been going this year, make plans and goals for the near and far future, and clear out and freshen up, both in my home and in my heart.

What better time then to continue on my slow but steady yoga journey, with some gentle help from Marianne Elliott's 30 Days of Yoga: A Lifetime of Well-Being.

The next session starts October 7th with a week of preparatory lessons, and then the official 30 days begin on October 14th. Registration is open now. Care to join me? (This will be the last round of 30 Days of Yoga for 2013.)

Have you been wanting to try yoga, or wishing you could establish (or reestablish) a regular yoga practice at home? 30 Days of Yoga brings the benefits of a yoga class into your own home. It's about making a small but significant change to your regular daily routines. I've taken the course twice before, and it really did change my life.

Marianne is the author of Zen Under Fire: How I Found Peace in the Midst of War, a yoga teacher, courage cultivator, and human rights advocate and consultant, as well as a former human rights lawyer in New Zealand and a United Nations peacekeeper in Afghanistan.

She created 30 Days of Yoga for herself because she struggled with her own home yoga practice, and her approach is grounded in a radical form of self-kindness.

30 Days of Yoga is a lovingly crafted online course to help you develop and sustain a home yoga practice that adds self-care, kindness, and a greater sense of well-being to your daily life.

There are four 30 Days of Yoga courses to choose from: the standard version (which I'm doing), one for total beginners, one for people who think they're too busy to do yoga, and one designed especially for people with curvy bodies. The standard version lets you choose from several different yoga practices to suit your needs and goals.

Each course includes daily e-mails and weekly live group call coaching sessions with Marianne, plus additional special practices, access to an easy to navigate course site, and an e-book containing all the written materials from the course.

You'll find plenty of support and encouragement (and meet some really neat people from around the world) in the private 30 Days of Yoga Facebook group, which you can remain a part of as long as you like. You can also request a personal yoga buddy for the 30 days (I'm still friends with mine), and one-on-one Skype coaching sessions with Marianne are available too.

All the 30 Days of Yoga details are here.

Want a peek at Marianne's teaching style before you sign up? Just go to the standard, beginner, or busy course description pages (see links above) and scroll down for a link to three free sample videos, including the now famous Yoga for Bloggers and Writers, which is wonderful.

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Marianne says that home yoga is where you begin to rebuild your own trust in yourself, your body and your innate wisdom—and very little is more important, and more powerful, than that. I totally agree. Yoga also helps us sleep better, improves our capacity to manage stress, increases our physical health, strength and flexibility, and even improves heart health.

I know that 30 Days of Yoga is exactly what I need as we head into a beautiful autumn. Maybe it's just what you need too. (And if you're interested in being my yoga buddy for the upcoming course, let me know: farmgirlfare AT gmail DOT com)

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  1. I took up yoga last winter (along with practicing zen meditation daily.) It's the best thing I've ever done. Congratulations on taking this up yourself! Have you heard of Erich Schiffmann? He made yoga make sense to me.

    1. Thanks, Jeannine. And congratulations to you. I haven't heard of him but will definitely look him up!

  2. Thank you for the 30 days of yoga invitation, sounds like something I should jump on! =)

    1. Hi Lily,
      If it sounds like something you should do, it probably is! I look forward to hopefully seeing you in the 30 Days of Yoga Facebook group. :)

  3. What happened to your Amazon link? That is the only way I ever went onto Amazon.....

    1. Thanks so much for your kind support by starting your amazon shopping trips at a Farmgirl Fare link - I can't tell you how much we appreciate it.

      Unfortunately last month amazon closed all of their associates accounts in Missouri, as "a direct result of the unconstitutional Missouri state tax collection legislation passed by the state legislature and signed by the governor." So I took down the black amazon logo link in the sidebar. :)

      They say that if Congress passes the Marketplace Fairness Act they will reopen our accounts, so I've left all of the amazon links that are in blog posts in place, in the hopes that they do.

      In the meantime, our hooves, paws, and fingers are crossed that our amazon account will be reopened, as we try to find a replacement for that important source of income for us. Thanks again to you (and everyone else!) for your support. :)


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