Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Two Thumbs and Six Paws Up for SHEBA® Food for Cats

Sarah Kate, Molly Doodlebug, and Mr. Midnight

I’ve always been a cat lover, and when I moved from urban California to rural Missouri 19 years ago, I brought four cats along with me. Then the remote farm I bought came with seven resident felines. Did I mention they were semi-feral?

By the time I was able to get everyone—including a couple more tomcats who showed up and decided to stay—spayed and neutered, the cat count was up to, well, a really high number.

Our current farm cat count is now a much more manageable six (Molly Doodlebug, Mr. Midnight, Sarah Kit Kat Kate, Jasper, George, and Skittles), but we still spend a lot of time in the cat food aisle. So when my publishing network, BlogHer, asked if my cats were interested in testing out some SHEBA® premium wet cat food as part of an upcoming ad campaign (that helps me and over 3,000 other mostly women bloggers bring you all of our content for free), we looked into the product and said yes.

What did we discover? Some good stuff, like:

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Dose of Cute: Welcome to Babyland

FLB's four-day-old twins on January 30th.

It's lambing season! Still. We bred just 15 ewes this year, and the first set of twins arrived January 26th. But after 22 days of round the clock visits to the barn (I started my nightly checks a few days earlier than the first lambs showed up), we're only halfway through. In other years we've had as many as eight lambs born in 24 hours, so I was really hoping we'd be all done by now.

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