Sunday, July 25

Sunday Farm Photo: Blowin' in the Wind

cotton sheets drying on the line
Just Breathe

Love laundry lines?
1/2/06: Winter Color
5/6/09: The Lamb and the Laundry Line (a look back at Baby Cary)
2/18/10: A Nice Day

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Wednesday, July 21

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Our Donkey Girls are Growing Up

Dolores and Esmeralda 1

During all the recent headline-stealing hullaballoo that's been happening around here (don't you just love that word, hullaballoo?), sweet Evie and Esmeralda quietly turned two. You can get to know Evie here, and Esmeralda here, and you'll find lots of other donkey photos here and here.

This series of Dolores and two-day-old Esmeralda, taken back on July 8th, 2008 but never posted, is one of my favorites. Enjoy.

Monday, July 19

Monday Dose of Cute: It's that Time Again

Yawning Topaz
Nap Time!
Thank you for all the sweet comments and e-mails after my last post. So many kind words and wishes! I'm truly overwhelmed.

Saturday, July 17

It's Been a Hell of a Few Weeks (and Not in a Good Way)

birthday balloon

"Happy Birthday," said the doctor as he stood next to my hospital bed looking over my chart.


"Next year you
need to do something a lot better than this for your birthday."

"No shit."
Let me back up a little.

Wednesday, July 7

Wednesday Farm Photo: Not Perfect

Butterfly on Screened Porch
But Still Pretty

You'll find lots more winged beauty here.

Monday, July 5

Saturday, July 3

Recipe: Easy All Natural Homemade Barbecue Sauce

And a great new book: America's Best BBQ!

Grilled Pork Ribs with Homemade Barbecue Sauce 1
Grilled pork ribs slathered with homemade BBQ Sauce

"What do you feel like having for dinner?" I asked Joe as he sat down to his usual breakfast of organic peanut butter and apricot jam on thick slices of homemade Farmhouse White Sandwich Bread and a big glass of fresh Jersey milk courtesy of a cow down the road.

Unless we've already planned that night's dinner the day before (a rarity around here), we need to decide fairly early what we're going to have, since chances are good any meat portion of a meal is frozen.

Sometimes one of us already has an idea of what we want, sometimes we both have the same idea, and sometimes neither of us has a clue and hopes the other person will come up with something brilliant.

After a minute he said, "Isn't there still a slab of pork ribs in the freezer?"

"Yes! And I'll make barbecue sauce!"

Saturday Dose of Cute: Take a Cue from Mr. Midnight

Mr. Midnight on the fence
And Have a Relaxing Holiday Weekend!

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Like the look of handmade fences?
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