Sunday, May 30

Sunday Morning Dose of Cute: You Awake?

Rooster 1
Good. I'm going to pose for you.

More photos below. . .

Saturday, May 29

Monday, May 24

Monday Farm Photos: Two More Vintage Quilts!

Vintage Quilts 1
So many tiny pieces of fabric.

A funny thing happened when I went back to the junk market last week to pick up the rest of my vintage haul from a recent bargain buying spree. . .

Sunday, May 16

Recipe: Confetti Egg Salad with Olives, Pimentos, Salami, Scallions, and Parsley

With our bouncing baby lambs, newly hatched chicks, and naturally colored eggs, we were all ready for Easter. With our happy hens now laying over 50 eggs a week, we're eating a lot of eggs.

A hard boiled egg is one of my favorite quick snacks, and having a cheerful red vintage Pyrex bowl of them sitting in the fridge is always a comforting sight. Having a bowl of this brightly colored egg salad sitting in the fridge always feels like a treat.

Thursday, May 13

Thursday Dose of Cute: Nighty Night

Emmy Lou's twins
Sleep Tight

Emmy Lou's little twins are Katahdin hair sheep. You can read more about our Katahdins here, and you'll find lots more cute lamb photos here.
© Copyright 2010, the ready for bed foodie farm blog where farm life is fun but exhausting—and sometimes I really miss the luxury of ordering takeout. (We can't even get our mail delivered out here, let alone a pizza). Time to find some dinner and then snuggle up under that quilt!

Wednesday, May 12

Wednesday Farm Photos: A New Old Quilt and a New Old Buying Habit

1 New Old Quilt
Lightweight and Lovely to Look At

While Marta Beast was at the dog spa last week (amusing before and after pictures coming soon), I headed over to my favorite junk mall to hunt away the hours. I managed to find all sorts of vintage treasures, including a few pieces of furniture for the new house (which Joe swears we're moving into next fall): two funky, yet surprisingly comfortable old chairs I couldn't resist for $3 apiece; an industrial looking, square metal cabinet with an indestructible formica-type worktop that I know will come in really handy somewhere; a darling little dark wood table with four tiny drawers that might become a nightstand; a rustic wooden footstool that makes me think of those stately old summer camps in the Adirondacks; and a cheerful painted yellow dresser that has glass knobs, a stylish curve to the drawer fronts, and isn't as big as I would have liked but couldn't be passed up for 30 bucks.

Tuesday, May 11

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Meeting Marta

Meeting Marta 1
This just might be my favorite lambing season photo yet.

Sunday, May 9

Sunday Dose of Cute: All You Can Eat Mother's Day Buffet!

All You Can Eat Mother's Day Buffet 1

Sunday Farm Photos: Love Love Love

A Few More Heart Rocks Join My Collection

A Love that Stays

A Whole Bowlful of Love
Happy Mother's Day

Need a few more hearts for mom?
Just click here and here.

©, the rock solid foodie farm blog where I'm amazed (and thrilled) that so many heart shaped rocks keep finding me—sometimes four or five in one day. I'm not picky when adding to my collection, and as you can see, most of my heart rocks aren't perfectly shaped, but like a scrap of paper tacked up on my bulletin board says: Love can't always be perfect—love is just love. I have no idea where I read that quote, but whoever said it was right.

Thursday, May 6

Thursday Dose of Cute: Baby Cary is Four Years Old Today!

Baby Cary 1
Cary, age two weeks, and the Nanny Bear on 5/20/06

How about a trip down memory lane? Don't know who Cary is? Meet her in
A Tiny Tail for Mother's Day.