Monday, January 30

Recipe: Classic Meyer Lemon (or Regular Lemon) Scones

These oversized scones are crunchy outside, moist & tender inside (recipe here).

It's citrus season! Meyer lemons are beautiful little fruits that are mostly grown on backyard trees, but their rising popularity in recent years means they can often be found at farmers' markets in warm climates, as well as at natural foods stores and supermarkets around the country. They're sweeter, less acidic, and have thinner skins than regular lemons. They also have a wonderful floral scent—and make delicious scones.

If you can't get your hands on any Meyer lemons, these scones—which freeze beautifully—are still very nice when made with regular old lemons. Or you can even use oranges instead.

This recipe is a variation of the traditional currant scones I used to sell at the little bakery cafe I had in my previous California life, back before I moved to the wilds of Missouri and became an enthusiastic but clueless farmgirl. British ex-pats loved them.

They taste great plain, but you can fancy them up by adding currants or raisins and/or sprinkling coarse sugar on the tops. Butter, berry jam, and a proper pot of your favorite English tea are optional. I recommend serving them warm.

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Tuesday, January 10

Recipe: Healthy and Hearty Roasted Garlic Lover's White Bean Soup

So good for you and so good tasting, this thick and hearty vegetarian white bean soup is cold weather comfort food at its best (recipe here).

After an unseasonably mild fall (including a swim in the river in October!), it finally feels like winter on the farm. In the last week we've had a snowstorm, a couple of arctic blasts, and one -5 degree F morning. Today it's supposed to get up to a freaky 60 degrees, but ice pellets, rain, and 40 mph winds are in the forecast. It's time for some homemade soup!

This Roasted Garlic Lover's White Bean Soup, which is so thick it should probably be called white bean stew, has been one of the most popular winter recipes on Farmgirl Fare ever since I originally shared it back in 2006.

It's packed with flavor and is so simple it can be made by nearly anyone. It can also be eaten by nearly everyone: it's vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and fat-free, and any ingredient except for the beans and water can be successfully omitted if necessary.

This recipe also happens to be cheap to make, freezes beautifully, smells divine while simmering on the stove, and is really good for you. But more important than all that? It tastes delicious—and it's even better after sitting for a day or two in the fridge. Enjoy!

P.S. Quick and Healthy Cream (or not) of Artichoke Soup and Ina Garten's Roasted Leek and Potato Soup with Arugula.

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