Monday, August 30

Monday Dose of Cute: Attack of the Killer Baby Donkey?

Attack of the Killer Baby Donkey - Not
Yeah, right.

Be careful out there—it's a Monday!

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Sunday, August 29

Friday, August 27

Recipe: Arugula Cottage Cheese Dip Spread Sauce Whatever (A What to Do with Arugula Recipe)

Arugula Cottage Cheese Dip 1
A quick and healthy green dip livened up with lemon juice and chives.

Is it arugula season where you are? Is there an arugula season? Since I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the county who grows it, I suppose that arugula season around here is whenever I have some in my kitchen garden—and that will be very soon.

Sunday, August 22

Sunday Dose of Baby Donkey Cute: Not to Worry

Esmeralda's Baby 1 - About 10 Hours Old

Easy Summer Recipe: Sun Dried Tomato, Fresh Tomato, and Artichoke Pesto

Summer Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, and Sun Dried & Fresh Tomato Artichoke Pesto
My favorite summer pasta, loaded with kitchen garden tomatoes and basil.

Last September I shared a recipe for this Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato and Artichoke Pesto, Cherry Tomatoes, and Fresh Basil, which I pretty much lived on for most of that month. I even ate it for breakfast.

While mixing up the third or fourth batch of the quick and easy pesto, I took a cue from my favorite basil pesto recipe and tried adding some fresh tomatoes. I loved the results, but never got around to sharing them.

Wednesday, August 18

Wordless Wednesday Dose of Cute

Serena, aka Buckethead

©, the very easily amused foodie farm blog where empty buckets are usually kept far out of sheep reach, but when one does end up on a head, it always cracks me up. You, too? There's another one, along with a nice Mother's day tale, here.

Animal cruelty disclaimer: The sheep in these photos (who willingly put the buckets on their heads) were not harmed during any photoshoots. This ewe you see here was happily licking molasses residues off the inside of her bucket until it was gently removed immediately after this picture was snapped.

Tuesday, August 17

Tuesday Dose of Cute: What?

Molly Doodlebug Hanging out on the Drying Rack
You've never seen someone hanging on a drying rack before?

During the summer, the clothes we take off at the end of the day are usually soaked with sweat, so instead of tossing them into the laundry basket (where scary things happen to dirty wet clothes in hot and humid weather) we hang them up to dry overnight on this expandable folding rack that we leave set up just outside the bathroom, in the living room. (After going through numerous wooden drying racks over the years, this metal one has been working out great.)

More below. . .

Saturday, August 14

Saturday Dose of Cute: A Cheeky Chick

And the Winners of the America's Best BBQ Giveaway

Two chicks and Mama Hen
I'd much rather have some BBQ—or pizza (photo taken 4/2/10)

Friday, August 13

Sunday, August 8

Sunday Farm Photo: On the Way Home

On the Way Home
From Picking up Milk at the 'Corner Store'

I do get out and about every once in a while:
7/30/08: Super Market
11/27/08: Gobble Gobble
6/20/09: Local News
6/16/10: Visit to a Friend's Farm (puppies!)

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Saturday, August 7

Saturday Dose of Cute: In Living Color

In Living Color
(photo taken 5/9/10)

Did you miss out on last spring's lambing season? Not to worry! You can catch up with all that baby cuteness right here.

©, the technicolor foodie farm blog where I think I just might love the brown sheep even more than I love the black ones, though sadly all three of these lambs' coats have already started bleaching in the sun.

Thursday, August 5

Thursday Dose of Cute: You Never Know What You'll Find Inside a Feed Bin

Flying Squirrel in the Feed Bin
Flying Squirrel, Anyone?

Down in the sheep barn feed room, we've been slowly replacing our plastic feed containers with metal ones, because mice and squirrels tend to chew big holes right through the plastic in order to get to the food, thus pretty much ruining them, although I have successfully plugged some pretty good sized holes with duct tape. (Our entire lives are held together with duct tape—along with clothespins and bungee cords.)

Wednesday, August 4

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Other People's Cute, Tractor Woes, and a Little Barnyard Animal Challenge

Many of you have expressed an interest in hearing more about what my day to day life is like out here in the country—both the good and the bad parts—so lately I've been trying to include more farm life tidbits and stories in some of my posts. I'm also still working that Frequently Asked Farmgirl Questions page. The FAFQ page is up!

There are so many things I've learned during the past 16 years that I simply take for granted, until I stop and remind myself things like there was a time when I had no idea what a bottle baby was, let alone anything about taking care of one, and that maybe you'd like to know something about them, too, rather than just seeing the pictures.

Of course once I start writing I have a tendency to ramble on, and since I'm not a very fast writer, these sort of posts take me a while to complete. My goal is to get back to sharing something here every day, with longer posts interspersed between the shorter ones, along with lots more recipes.

If you enjoy these farm life tidbits and stories and would like to see more of them, I'd love for you to let me know. And if you come here more for the pictures than the words, please let me know that, too! Anonymous comments can be left, and you're also welcome to email me: farmgirlfare AT gmail DOT com. It can sometimes take me a while to reply to e-mail, but as always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Other People's Cute 1

Sunday, August 1

Sunday Dose of Cute: Hanging Out on Mom

Ava and her twin ewe lamb
Ava and her Twin Ewe Lamb (taken 5/11/10)
Want to hang out a while longer? You'll find links to all of this year's lambing season photos here. And you can learn about our new Katahdin hair sheep (Ava and her lamb are both 100% Katahdin) here. More photos of Ava and her twins are here and here and here and here. (When you're born first, you get to be in a lot of pictures.)

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