Tuesday, October 30

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Farmgirl Fare on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter

Daisy and Marta outside the sheep barn during lambing season March 2012 - farmgirlFare.com
Don't let anything stand between you and your farm fix!

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Saturday, October 27

Tail End of the Week: Get Your Friday Farm Fix #24

Welcome to the Friday Farm Fix, where I share a random sampling of what's been happening around the farm during the past week (mostly on Fridays). Just joining us? You'll find all the Friday Farm Fix posts here and here.

(24-1) The sheep barn surrounded by a blast of autumn color - FarmgirlFare.com
The sheep barn surrounded by a blast of autumn color.

What's this? A new Friday Farm Fix after a ten week hiatus? Yes! (Although I didn't want to give you too much of a shock by actually posting it on Friday.) I've missed this series. Missed being able to look back and see what we've been doing each week, missed keeping on top of all my photos. I don't know if these posts be weekly again yet, but I'm hoping to get back in the groove. (Did I just date myself with that phrase?)

It's been a busy, beautiful autumn. Lots of work, lots of up and down crazy weather (80s and muggy one day, 50s and blustery the next), lots of gorgeous fall color. October is my favorite month on the farm. Enjoy.

12 more farm photos below. Hover over each image for a description. . .

Monday, October 22

Monday Farm Photo: Falling Into a New Week

View of the hayfield out the upstairs bedroom window - FarmgirlFare.com
Don't forget to breathe.

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More farm landscapes? Here.

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Sunday, October 21

Sunday Dose of Cute: Creature Comforts

Beagle Bert on his Coolaroo (1) - FarmgirlFare.com

The Coolaroo elevated pet bed: sleek, stylish. . .

Beagle Bert on his Coolaroo (2) - FarmgirlFare.com

and comes with four conveniently located ear openings.

More Coolaroo puppy pics? Here and here.
Beagle Bert off the Coolaroo? Here and here.

© FarmgirlFare.com, where four-footed comfort is kingand that large size Coolaroo, which is probably big enough to hold four beagles, was the best pet purchase ever (although the Furminator is a close second—and more critters get to use it).

Friday, October 19

Growing (and Using!) Your Own Fresh Herbs: My Six Favorite Varieties (Chives, Basil, Greek Oregano, Lemon Thyme, Italian Parsley, and Lemon Balm)

Go Green To Save Money - Growing Your Own Fresh Herbs (1) -  FarmgirlFare.com
Portable pots of lemon balm and Greek oregano are surrounded by easy to grow Swiss chard in the inexpensive unheated, homemade greenhouse.

Gardeners are gamblers. Every year we scatter seeds, stock up on seedlings, amend our soil, water faithfully, cross our green thumbs, close our eyes, and pray for something out there to survive—all the while knowing that Mother Nature has totally stacked the cards against us. Why? Because we've tasted that delicious homegrown pay out, and we crave more.

And besides, even if we lose everything this year, we know there's always a chance we can win it all back, and then some, next season.

There are no sure things when it comes to coaxing food out of the garden, but just like at casinos and the horse races, some bets have better odds than others. And after 18 years of growing everything from arugula to zucchini in my large organic kitchen garden, I've figured out how to consistently walk away with the biggest payouts: by planting herbs.

Homegrown herbs are easy to grow, cheap to keep, don't require lots of space or attention, and aren't usually bothered by diseases and pests, making them perfect for the organic garden. They're pretty to look at, bursting with flavor, and far fresher than anything you can buy at the store.

In comparison, store bought fresh herbs are notoriously pricey, often come packaged in non-recyclable plastic containers, and are sometimes sprayed with really scary chemicals. The selection is limited, and a lot of times the fresh herbs aren't actually all that fresh.

More below. . .

Monday, October 15

Sunday, October 7

Sunday Farm Photos: One Fine Fall Day

One fine fall day (1) - FarmgirlFare.com

All photos taken last Thursday.

Seven more below. . .

Wednesday, October 3

Wordless Wednesday Night Dose of Cute

Wordless Wednesday dose of cute - FarmgirlFare.com

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More chickens? Here.
More hunky farmguy? Here.

© FarmgirlFare.com, where we're mowing the grass for the first time since early spring—and no hens were harmed in the process.

Tuesday, October 2

Tuesday Dose of Random Critter Cute

Random critter cute (1) - FarmgirlFare.com

Now that the months of devastating heat and drought have finally come to an end (and I'm not quite as under the weather as I was all summer), I've started carrying around my camera and seeing pictures again.

I'm hoping to get back to posting the weekly Friday Farm Fix soon so I can better share what's been happening around here (and better keep track for us of what happens when). This is my favorite time of year on the farm. And the photos, along with the leaves, are thankfully starting to pile up.

More photos below. . .