Wednesday, February 27

Wordless Wednesday Dose of Cute

Marta Beast, the abominable snow dog -

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Saturday, February 23

Saturday Quick Dose of Little Lamb Cute

Friendly and her three day old triplets -
Friendly and her three day old triplets (taken yesterday).

Hoping you're having a warm and cozy weekend.

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©, where it's a lot more comfortable having all those babies on the outside than on the inside. Click here and here to see first time mother Friendly's 2012 batch of triplets.

Thursday, February 14

Thursday Farm Photo: Happy Valentine's Day

Heart shaped rocks found around the farm -
Love is everywhere you look.

Wishing you peace, joy, and love this Valentine's Day—and every day.

©, home to hundreds of heart shaped rocks, most of which aren't perfect, just like (a quote I once read said) love can't always be perfect—it's just love.

Tuesday, February 12

Valentine's Day Recipes: Napa Cabbage & Broccoli Winter Slaw and Easy Chocolate Babycakes

Say I love you with a big helping of antioxidants! My fondness for this crunchy Napa Cabbage and Broccoli Winter Slaw with a Creamy Dijon Dressing just keeps getting stronger.

Radishes and brussels sprouts add extra color and flavor, and everything is quickly chopped up in the food processor (or you can use a sharp knife). It even goes well with champagne, though of course I think pretty much everything goes well with champagne.

Or how about some Easy Chocolate Babycakes with Mocha (or Chocolate) Buttercream Frosting, which definitely go well with champagne (and milk). These cute little treats are made using my simple Emergency Chocolate Loaf Cake batter (which I've been making for about 15 years) and they're always a big hit. Enjoy!

©, always cute, always hungry, always full of love.

Saturday, February 9

Saturday Dose of Cute: Frenchie One Ups Eugenie

Frenchie's triplets (1) -
Frenchie and her four-day-old Frenchettes (taken 2/3/13)

The first lambs of the season inevitably get the most attention. So what's the next ewe to do? Have triplets of course.

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Sunday, February 3

Sunday Dose of Cute: Oh Baby, Baby

Lambing season begins with Eugenie and twins (1) -
Eugenie and her newborn twins on Tuesday morning.

The 2013 lambing season has begun!

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