Saturday, April 30

Saturday Dose of Cute: Loving that Laundry Line

Bert munching a clothespin
And those clothespins.

Do you love laundry lines, too?
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1/2/06: Winter Color
5/6/09: The Lamb and the Laundry Line (a look back at Baby Cary)
2/18/10: A Nice Day

©, where you turn your back for a minute and somebody's munching on plastic.

Tuesday, April 26

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Safe

Daisy and Bert after the storm

Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers regarding our overflowing creek and flooding farm. The short version is that everyone in the farmyard and barnyard is doing okay, including the new baby lamb. More below. . .

Monday, April 25

Monday Farm Photos: Creek's Up. Way Up.

Creek's Way Up 1

For at least 11 months out of most years, our wet weather creek bed, which meanders for about a mile through the farm, is filled with nothing more than ten million rocks and my wishes that our peaceful and useful (no hauling water for the sheep!) little babbling brook would run all the time—especially during the heat of summer.

After we've had a lot of rain or snow, the creek will start to run, first upstream next to Donkeyland, then down past The Shack, and finally alongside the entire length of the hayfield before it leaves the property. The water comes off the hillsides and from underground wet weather seep springs. Sometimes it takes several days for the creek to make it down to The Shack, and sometimes it dries back up before it reaches us.

More photos and story below. . .

Sunday, April 24

Sunday Dose of Cute: No Sign of the Easter Bunny. . .

Pink Noses 1

More photos below. . .

Sunday Dose of Color: Happy Easter!

Flowering Quince
Flowering Quince (find out why I love it so much here)

More Easter color and cute:
4/16/06: Easter Tulips
4/12/09: Happy Easter!

©, the raining like crazy (four inches so far, with storms predicted through Wednesday—can you say closed highways and flash flood warnings everywhere?) foodie farm blog where we finally found Cheeky and Tuffy's (our two free ranging hens) eggs. Turns out they were hiding them for Easter.

Saturday, April 23

Saturday Night Dose of Cute: I'm Not the Only One. . .

Hunky Farmguy Lovin' 1

Hunky Farmguy Lovin' 2
Who loves my hunky farmguy.

Want to see more of this loveable man? You'll find lots more photos here and here.

©, where hunky farmguys need to maintain their manly image, so don't tell Joe I posted these cuddly photos of him!

Friday, April 22

Friday Farm Photo: Greetings from Dogwood Valley

Front field with blooming dogwoods 2
We've never had this many dogwood trees bloom before. They're gorgeous.

Happy Earth Day!

©, leafing out and loving these gorgeous spring days—almost as much as the rain that's falling right now and watering our growing fields. Now if only the storm hadn't just knocked out the satellite Internet connection.

Friday Dose of Cute: Time Out to Rest and Grow

Time Out to Rest and Grow
Being adorable can really tire you out.

Wishing you a relaxing holiday weekend!

The Daily Donkey 76: Kick Ass Action Shot

©, where the lamb count has held steady at 30 since Monday and it's supposed to thunder and storm all night—which has me thinking there's probably going to be some late night (as in middle of the night) lambie action in the barn.

Thursday, April 21

Thursday Night Dose of Little Lamb Cute

Think pink.

The Daily Donkey 75: Newborn Evie on Her Feet

©, where the pinkest nose always knows.

Thursday Farm Photo: It's Hunting Season

morels 1
Mushroom hunting, that is.

Oh, morels! Talk about the perfect star of an Earth Dinner. These farm foraged morels* tasted divine, sautéed in organic butter just a few hours after finding them on Sunday and sopped up with a warm and crusty hunk of freshly baked baguette (a simple new yeasted beer bread recipe I've been working on—and may have finally perfected!).

More mushrooms:
5/26/08: Foraging and Finding Morels (Not Today) (includes mushroom hunting stories and mouthwatering ideas for how to enjoy morels in the comments section)
4/20/09: Morels!

* Foraging for wild mushrooms can be a wonderful and rewarding thing to do, but you should never taste (or even touch) a wild mushroom unless you are 110% sure that it is edible. Most mushrooms are poisonous, and many are deadly. Please be smart and stay safe!

©, the thrilled with this foraging find foodie farm blog where it happens to be turkey hunting season this week, too, but we prefer to admire our wild turkeys from a distance, rather than spend the day dressed head to toe in camo trying to outsmart them. Deer season, however, is a different story. I love venison, though thankfully the donkey peddling cowboy (who is also the one responsible for bringing Bert and Bear into our lives) usually shoots one for me.

Tuesday, April 19

Tuesday Dose of Cute: No Need to Call the Fire Dept.

Smudge has his own ladder (and he knows how to use it).

Want to see more of this fluffy, fourteen year old fellow?
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10/22/05: Smudgie Up High
11/27/10: Sun Spots
©, where everybody at the barn is quiet until you get all the way back up to The Shack—and then somebody starts wildly baaing their head off for their mama or their baby. And if you hear it, you can't just ignore it—or at least I can't. Gotta go.

Eating Well Every Day - and Celebrating Earth Week in a BIG Organic Way

I'm Giving Away a $520 Earth Dinner Package!

Our own little organic valley

Happy Earth Week! A perfect way to celebrate it is by attending or hosting an Earth Dinner.

Chefs Collaborative is a national nonprofit network of chefs and farmers that fosters a sustainable food system using the power of education, collaboration, and responsible buying decisions. This year, Chefs Collaborative and 65 restaurants are partnering with Organic Valley to bring Earth Dinners, a series to raise awareness about local, sustainable, and organic food to the dining public.

Sunday, April 17

Sunday Dose of Cute: Three Dog White

Three White Dogs
Okay, so Marta Beast is more like off white. Or off off white. (And Bert's other colors don't count.)

The Daily Donkey 71: Love at the Treat Trough

©, where some of us simply cannot stay clean—and never met a mud puddle we didn't like.

Friday, April 15

Friday Dose of Cute: This Moment

A single photo capturing a moment from the week I want to pause, savor, and remember. Inspired by SouleMama.

Want to see more of this big new baby girl? You'll find lots more photos of her here. And you can catch up with what's been going on during this fast and furious (28 babies born since April 1st!) lambing season here.

Wednesday, April 13

Wednesday Quick Dose of Cute: The Katahdin Cabin

Katahdin Cabin, aka the Hair Sheep Hut
aka the Hair Sheep Hut (the Katahdin ewes lay claim to it every year)

The Daily Donkey 67: Dan in Green Land

Tuesday, April 12

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Three Times Two, Woohoophew!

Twins 1

We've had three sets of twins born in less than 24 hours, plus a big (slightly stuck) single boy born yesterday afternoon.

More photos and a lamb report below. . .

Monday, April 11

Monday Dose of Color and Cute: Donkeyland is Blooming

Redbuds are blooming in Donkeyland
With redbuds. . .

Dogwoods in Donkeyland
And dogwoods (the hillsides are covered with them!)

The Daily Donkey 65: Little Gnat Today

©, where it isn't all about the baby lambs this time of year—just almost all.

Sunday, April 10

Sunday Dose of Color and Cute: Bright Spot

Tulips and Beagle Bert
I love it when the dogs crash a photo shoot.

We have one lone little tulip plant in the front yard, and despite years of dog abuse, it always gives us beautiful blooms:
4/16/06: Easter Greetings to You
4/16/06: Dogfoot Tiptoed through the Tulips
4/16/06: Time Lapse Tulips
4/12/09: No Bonnets, but Plenty of Blooms
4/12/09: Happy Easter!

©, where plans inevitably get changed when the power suddenly goes off (which also means the water goes off) for the afternoon. What can you do without those two? Play Work on the tractor, sweep the floor, weed the garden, or have a baby! Current lamb count: 17.

Saturday, April 9

Saturday Dose of Cute: Three Cheers for Triplets

Actually, Make that Six Cheers

Clare Elizabeth and triplets 1
These are the triplets Clare Elizabeth had at about 2am last Sunday.

I arrived at the barn while she was cleaning up the second one. That polka dotted cutie pie with the big pink nose (who Joe says is trouble with a capital T) was born last. They're about 5 hours old here.

Lots more photos below. . .

Friday, April 8

Friday Night Dose of Cute: Back in the Baby Business!

Ava and her twins 1
Ava and her new twins

Nine more photos and a lamb report below. . .

Wednesday, April 6

Wednesday Night Dose of Cute: Too Tired for Much Blogging

Time to Rest
Time to rest. (more tomorrow)

The Daily Donkey 60: Daphne Stealing My Glove

©, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Tuesday, April 5

Tuesday Night Quick Dose of Cute: New Fuzzy Face

baby polka dot lamb
I'm smitten.

Current Lamb Count: still 9. Number of pregnant ewes remaining: 16. Number of hours since the last new arrivals: 66! Number of trips I've made down to the barn during that time: probably about 18. In those 66 hours, we've had a heatwave (72° at 3am), a thunderstorm, temps in the 20s, one of the most blustery days ever, a new moon, and a 6 hour trip to town. I was sure with all that going on there would be babies popping out everywhere!

©, pink nosed, polka dotted, and having a feeling it's probably going to be a busy night.

Monday, April 4

Monday Dose of Cute: What a Pair

Marta and Bert
You should see them romping together.

©, where it's back to the barn to snuggle some baby lambs check on everybody and tell all the pregos to please cross their legs until we get back from town!

Sunday, April 3

Saturday, April 2

Saturday Dose of Cute: Back in Black (and The Whole Picture)

BB and her twins
BB (short for Black Beauty) and her twin boy and girl, born about 1:30 this morning.

Current lamb count: 6. Sets of triplets: 1. Sets of twins: 1. Girls: 3. Boys: 3. Number of BB's babies who refuse to get with the nursing program (like, at all): 2! Number of hours I slept last night: 3 (from 11pm - 2am). Number of pregnant ewes remaning: 17. Spaces currently available at the Bonding Suite Inn: 2 (with two more under construction).

Friday, April 1

Friday Dose of Cute: No Fooling

Clarissa and triplets 1
Clarissa had triplets this morning! (She's the one who wondered what we were waiting for in yesterday's post.)

Lots more photos after the jump. . .