Monday, June 30, 2014

Recipe: Easy & Refreshing Confetti Crunch Coleslaw with Creamy Lemon Caper Dressing

Confetti Crunch Coleslaw Recipe with Creamy Lemon Caper Dressing -
A healthy, crunchy slaw that's made with cabbage, scallions, carrots, and sweet peppers and tossed with a tangy lemon caper dressing (recipe here).

As we head toward the 4th of July weekend, I thought I'd highlight a few favorites from the Farmgirl Fare recipe archives that are perfect for summer picnics, parties, and backyard get togethers. Enjoy!

We had out of town family visiting the farm last week, and this Confetti Coleslaw with Creamy Lemon Caper Dressing was a big hit at the dinner table.

If you love coleslaw but are tired of the same old mayo-heavy recipes, liven and lighten things up with this colorful, flavor-packed version of an all-American classic. It goes well with all sorts of summer meals and is great to have on hand in the fridge for a healthy snack or the fastest dinner salad ever. I even like it for breakfast.

The tangy lemon caper dressing, which is made with mayonnaise and yogurt and lots of Dijon mustard, can be quickly mixed up a day or two in advance; it also makes a tasty dip. A few months ago I started making my own milk kefir, and this time I used some in place of the yogurt. Yum.

Hit the farmer's market for fresh homegrown vegetables and this easy recipe will really shine. You won't believe how much flavor plain old raw cabbage can have.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Recipe: Farmhouse White Bread for FarmVille 2

This classic, homestyle bread is a staple in my farmhouse kitchen.

Have you ever played FarmVille? Apparently I'm one of the few people who hasn't. Tens of millions of people play FarmVille every month, and over 400 million (!) people have played a FarmVille game. I have a feeling that if I didn't have an actual farm of my own, I'd probably be hooked.

The world of FarmVille is all about creating fresh, country recipes, and it's time to bring the virtual kitchens of FarmVille to life. When Zynga asked if I would like to have one of my recipes featured in their upcoming FarmVille-To-Table Digital Cookbook (and possibly in a FarmVille game itself!) I said sure.

What recipe did I choose? My super popular Farmhouse White of course. There's nothing more rewarding in the kitchen than baking your own bread, and after 20 years, I'm still awed by the process.

The original Farmhouse White recipe post has already been pinned more than 23,000 times on Pinterest (thank you!), and over the years I've heard from countless former nervous novices who are now confident bread bakers thanks to Farmhouse White.

I've been making this recipe for 14 years and have watched plenty of people who claim they never eat white bread gobble slices up.

Farmhouse White recipe below. . .