Sunday, February 18

2/18/07 Farm Photos: Scenes from Sheep Shearing Day 2007

One-month-old Baby Cary spent Sheep Shearing Day 2006 safely tucked in a makeshift playpen adjacent to all the action.

More below. . .

This year she was right in the thick of things (for the entire time, since she was the last of 55 sheep to be sheared), but the faithful Nanny Bear kept her company. . .

When he wasn't guarding the gate to make sure no sheep escaped unsheared! (Is it 'unsheared' or 'unshorn?')

Don't know who Cary is? Click here to read her story. And click here to see more photos from Sheep Shearing Day 2007.

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  1. Cary, Cary, Cary!!! I totally feel like I know her personality b/c of your wonderful writing and photos. I love her!

  2. Cary has gotten so big! Still adorably cute though.

  3. It was good to see your post this morning. Things must be really gearing up on the farm what with lambing time coming up. Stay well. We all look forward to your pics and posts.

  4. Superb pictures. Your stories and descriptions of your animals are great!

  5. I looked at the "Shearing Day" photos of Cary...She look's! Make's me wanna take a coat & put it on her! lol

    Great pics, as usual :)

  6. Totally adorable! Now I'm wishing for sheep of my own! And Lucky Buddy Bear is the best sheep-sitter of all time.

  7. You mentioned in another post that the fleece of your sheep was not the kind desired by weavers. What, then, do you do with the wool?


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