Wednesday, September 19

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Big Itch, Little Donkey

Donkey Doodle Dandy scratches an itch (1) -

More photos below. . .

Donkey Doodle Dandy scratches an itch (3) -

Donkey Doodle Dandy scratches an itch (4) -

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  1. Hi, I just love reading your post and blog!! Very inspirational to me. I'm curious about your photo taking. I too have a farm of sorts, mostly ponies and ducks, chickens etc but I see so many photo opportunities during the day and always think about taking a pix. I bought a little inexpensive Nikon hoping that I could keep it in my pocket. What type of camera do you use? Your photos are wonderful but since I am constantly in water, dust, manure and general dirt how do you carry a camera around and how??

    1. So glad you're enjoying my blog. As for my camera, I'm a point and shoot kind of girl and for the last couple of years have been using my third Canon PowerShot - it's this G11 model. I love it. I shoot almost all my photos on the AUTO mode. There's a newer G12 model available that costs a lot less.

      I keep my camera in a soft sided camera case with a shoulder strap. That keeps it out of my way but still really easy to grab. I'm so used to flinging it back over my hip when I bend down, etc., that sometimes I catch myself preparing to automatically move it out of my way even when I don't have it with me. ;)

      The case protects it from dirt, water, etc., and it's padded enough that even when I drop it, it's okay. (Whenever the camera is out of the case, the first thing I ALWAYS do is slip on the wrist strap.)

      For the past seven+ years I've been carrying my camera EVERYWHERE around the farm, unless it's raining. Otherwise it seems like I always miss the best shots. Lately, though, I've slacked off some. The G11 is still fairly light, but it's heavier than my previous Canon PowerShots. My shoulder is thanking me, but I've missed some really great photos! :)

    2. Thank you very much for responding! I'm going to try carrying it around again in a case this time and see what happens! I see so many cool things too being outside most of the day that I am always saying I should have a camera.Thanks!!

  2. Hi Susan,
    Dan looks great! I miss the daily donkey but can understand how tough that had to be to keep up with. I am glad to see he survived the operation. Does it make him less "interested" in the girls? Does he still attempt to mount them? or do they all live peaceably together?
    It sure looks a little greener there and I see a puddle on that piece of equipment---any chance you will get some hay?
    Hope so.
    I grow and love the white cukes too. Let us know if they make it!

    1. Hi Dominique,
      I owe you an email - or two! I, too, miss The Daily Donkey. I had to put it on hold because the donkeys started getting tired of being photographed so much (okay, and it might have been partly me), but I've been stockpiling pictures of them (and a few are even of them not eating treats!) so maybe we'll go back to it. It's so hard for me to keep to any schedule (anybody notice the Friday Farm Fix has been missing lately? ;) but it was definitely a popular feature.

      Yes, one year after Operation Donkey De-Jacking (something else I never got around to writing about, even though I had something like 38 pictures all picked out), Dan and Gus and Gnat (his two young sons) are doing great. Thank goodness. I was really worried about Dan since he is older, but he came through the surgery just fine. All seven donkeys are now living together in peace, and while Dan likes being part of the herd again, he does sometimes keep to himself - and he always gets treats in his own dish! :)

      All the boys are definitely much less interested in the girls. I haven't seen anybody mount them in quite a while. The best part, though, is that the boys have stopped fighting. It took a little while, but they seem to have settled down and figured out a hierarchy. Before we got them fixed Dan and Gus were really tearing each other apart. It was awful.

      Yes, it is finally (thankfully) greening up here, just in time for fall. But we'll take it - any rain we can get! As for hay, we finally broke down last month and spent a small fortune on some hay, but if all goes well, we'll be cutting some this week. It won't be as much as we usually get, but anything is better than nothing. Of course now they've started putting in a chance of rain in the forecast every single day! :)

    2. You know we all love that Friday Farm Fix but it is that much more appreciated when it comes as a surprise! You didn't call it the Weekly FFF so the pressure is off!:)
      Happy to hear about peace in Donkeyland and everything else you share.

  3. A little greener; but a lot to late! 'tis sad. :-(

  4. Lookin good, Dan, lookin good!

  5. Pretty smart, if you ask me. (and always...very cute!)


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