Friday, April 26

Friday Dose of Cute: Heads Down, Mouths Open

Lambs chowing down in the creep feeder -

Have a delicious weekend!

©, always cute, always hungry.


  1. Beautiful,healthy (and fat)lambs! While admiring them I noticed the handmade- creep-hay feeders! Joe must've made those? Very nice. I am always trying to examine the construction of the barn, sheep pens, gates...always mentally filing away ideas. The gates with the rebar (or metal pins) are one thing I need to see more of to be sure of what you did there :).

    I like ideas like that because they allow for flexibility.---you can put together little pens/take them apart easily....we use a lot of panels/ties/square knots!

  2. Beautiful view of sweet sheep and inside of new :) barn. Someday when you have lots of time on your hands, please consider documenting the construction of your new barn. The details of what you used the old one for, the Amish folk who built it and why you needed a new one would make for a delightful read for your greedy readers who cannot get enough of you guys! ;) Okay, off my soapbox. ;) Have a terrific weekend!

  3. Those little lambs are doin' some serious chowing down! :)

  4. What has happened... I am trying to see those luscious lamb butts and a Bog Old Blog Her Ad covers up the comments and most of your delightfully descriptive sign-off. I cannot find a "close" button and so cannot read what you have written. Strangely enough it appears and disappears... maybe I am just not so savvy to understand it...

    1. Hi Lynda,
      Sorry about that. These days it seems like everything on the screen expands if you get your mouse near it, which can be frustrating.

      If it happens again, try moving your mouse away to another part of the screen or refreshing the whole page so the ad space reloads with a different ad. That should fix it! :)


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