Sunday, September 22

Sunday Farm Photo: Happy, Happy. . .

First day of fall in the hayfield -
First day of fall.

It's that time of year when you can feel the entire farm breathe a sigh of relief.

©, thrilled that it's 45 degrees cooler than it was just a couple of days ago (at night at least!)—and already pulling out the vintage quilts while snuggled up in sweats.


  1. I enjoyed my tour through old posts to see your vintage quilts! Seems like you have a knack for getting some good deals...$20 for a vintage quilt!!! Unheard of! My question is how do you get them clean....just airing them outside? actual detergent? soaking in a tub? I have one that I would feel more comfortable using if I washed it! Thanks!

    1. Hi Deb,
      I think I just lucked out on those quilt finds a few years ago - $20 (or even $80) is unheard of for a vintage quilt around here now too. As for cleaning them, I do wash mine. I only buy quilts that I'm going to actually use, so while I don't mind a few bare spots, threadbare edges, etc., they have to be able to stand up to being washed. These aren't museum quality quilts - they're usually well used and loved before they come to live with me.

      Our washing machine has a special cycle that is so great called handwash, which is even more gentle than the delicate cycle, so I use that. I use a mild, all natural liquid unscented detergent, plus borax and an all natural non-chlorine bleach powder (I use this combo on all of our laundry). Then I hang the quilts out in the sun to help disinfect them and bleach out any stains. It also makes them (and all of our laundry) smell good.

      The only thing about the handwash cycle is that it doesn't spin the laundry very 'hard,' so the quilts come out still very wet. Hanging them on the line isn't the best solution because the weight pulls on the delicate fabric and stitching, but the alternative is laying them out flat to dry (some people put them right on clean lawns) - and if I did that outside, my freshly washed quilts would be covered with muddy-pawed four-footed critters (and chickens). :)

  2. Hello Kiddo! Have missed your posts and hoping that you both were well. Just adore your quilt collection, as well as your other terrific collections. Thanks for sharing them again. Enjoy your snuggling. Cheers, Cary

  3. All that's needed is a cup of coffee :) Beautiful picture.


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