Sunday, May 11

Sunday Dose of Cute: Happy Mother's Day

Lokey and her 11 baby chicks, April 2012

More chick pics? Here.
More chickens? Here.

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©, the currently peepless foodie farm blog where Lokey, our top hatching hen (a friend once said she's worth her weight in gold), hasn't yet gone broody this year—perhaps because she's still recovering from raising 20 chicks in 2012. But that's okay, because right now ten hens and two roosters living in two separate coops is probably plenty, although I do miss all that peeping cute.


  1. Too much cuteness in one picture!

  2. Supreme cuteness!

  3. Oh, what's sweeter than baby chicks?

    Ten hens? You must have lots of fresh eggs? Yum!

  4. Hi Susan - I've looked around a bit and couldn't realty find this but have you posted a recipe for Cinnamon Rolls? Thanks!

    1. Hi Barb,
      Sorry, no recipe for cinnamon rolls. I love them but only make them once every several years. I have a, ahem, self control issue. ;)

      As for the 10 hens - last fall we were getting up to 4 dozen eggs a week which were a little too many, but egg production just didn't ramp up this spring like it should have. For one thing, several of our hens are getting old and have probably stopped laying (but I don't have the heart to get rid of - or eat - them!). Plus we've been having our annual black snake problem. We've already caught and relocated two bigs ones from the coops this year, including one that ate three eggs in a row!

    2. Thanks for the reply, Susan. I would have 'self-control issues' too with cinnamon rolls. You may recall (or maybe not) that my brother makes your Farmhouse White bread fairly frequently.. He always gives me a couple of loaves (aren't I lucky?). He asked me about making cinnamon rolls and I suggested your site. he looked around and did find a wonderful recipe from your site "A Year in Bread" that you were part of.

      It was fun to look at that old post (July 2007) and really fun to read all the Comments! I'll let you know if he makes them - I hope I get one of the!!! :-)

      Thanks again

    3. Oh, I forgot - snakes in the henhouse? Yikes! I'm terrified of snakes! So, do you get enough eggs every week for eating & cooking? 4 dozen a week is a lot unless you can sell them or give them away.

    4. Hi Barb,
      I forgot about that cinnamon roll recipe. I'm so glad he found it! And yes, of course I remember about his baking (and sharing!) the Farmhouse White. The only thing better than homemade bread is somebody who bakes bread for you. :)

      Yeah, four dozen eggs a week is a little over our limit, even with lots of eating, baking, and six dogs who love raw eggs mixed in their food (it's so good for their coats!). Right now we're at about two dozen a week which we can definitely handle!

  5. Oh my, they are way too cute! Hope all of them are still doing well and growing!

  6. I love the Lone Chick standing above all the others!

  7. I just want to scoop up a handful of those chicks and press them against my face because I have issues.

    Fluffy, peeping issues :)


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