Sunday, March 29

Sunday Farm Photos: Oops.

Looking out the bedroom window yesterday morning.

More photos below. . .

I may have been a little premature with that whole spring thing.

These snowflakes were so big and soppy we had about three inches piled up within a few hours. But what was even more amazing was that a few hours after that, you couldn't even tell it had snowed. And tomorrow it's supposed to be back up in the 70's.

This brief return to winter will have lasting effects, though, as the snow gave the new spring grass in the fields a big dose of much needed nitrogen. Free, all-natural fertilizer covering every inch of the farm without having to lift a finger? Yes, please.

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome back!

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  1. Lovely photographs with a covering of snow.

  2. Haha! Well, your sweet voice had lulled me back into believing that Spring would actually appear one day. Snow had finally receded from the leaf mulch covered beds and in poking around, found a couple garlics struggling to get through the litter. hooray! That afternoon 3 more inches of fluffy ick. God is good, and the melt came yesterday afternoon and rhubarb is poking forth. Quick snows in and outs are fine, sticking around, no longer necessary, thanks very much! :) (Great to hear from you again!)

  3. Your post in my e-mail brought a huge smile to my face. So glad your back!

  4. We had the same weather here in Denmark. We use to call it "The winther's farewell"

    Why do you think that the snow gives nitrogen to the grass?

    1. Hi Farmer,
      The science behind it is known as snow nitrogen fixation, often called as the poor man's fertilizer. You can Google that phrase for more information. Rain does the same thing, but since a lot of the rain runs off the ground, it doesn't work as well as slow melting snow. Neither Joe nor I had heard of it before moving to Missouri, and at first we weren't sure if it was just some old farmer's tale, but it turns out to be true!

  5. Is that a swing hanging from the tree branch? How fun!

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Yep, Joe built that swing years ago. If you're interested, you'll find lots more photos of it here:


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