Saturday, October 10

Attention Farmgirl Fare Feedblitz Email Subscribers!

Battered cattle gate on the property up the valley from ours.

Hello! For those of you who receive Farmgirl Fare posts via the Feedblitz email subscription service, I just wanted to let you know that all those extra ads that have been appearing in your newsletters lately aren't my fault!

In exchange for offering free email subscriptions to Farmgirl Fare (and to millions of other blogs), Feedblitz runs its own ads in the email updates that it sends you.

I have no control over these ads, nor do I receive any revenue from them. Unfortunately Feedblitz recently increased the number of ads in all of its subscriptions, and in my opinion they've gotten a little excessive.

If you still want to keep up with everything on the farm (and I sure hope you do!) but the Feedblitz email ads are too annoying, there are a couple of things you can do:

1. The easiest option is to keep receiving your Feedblitz email subscription, but as soon as you open each email, just click right through to the Farmgirl Fare site and read the new post there instead.

Simply click on the title of the new post, which appears in blue near the top of the email (right under an ad!) and that will bring you to Farmgirl Fare. So for this post it would be the catchy title: Attention Farmgirl Fare Feedblitz Email Subscribers.

2. Or you can follow along via Facebook. I announce each new Farmgirl Fare post on the Farmgirl Fare Facebook pageTo make sure you receive the new post announcements, click LIKE on the Farmgirl Fare Facebook page, then under LIKED click on Get Notifications and Add to Interest List. The new post announcements are the only things I post on Facebook, so you won't be bombarded with a bunch of other stuff in your feed.

Unfortunately you may still not receive the new post announcements because Facebook really wants me (and everybody else) to pay to reach fans, so you might check the Farmgirl Fare Facebook page or once in a while to see if you're actually getting the updates. I've heard from readers who thought I'd stopped blogging for a year when I was actually putting up several posts—and Facebook announcements for each post—every week.

3. You can also subscribe to Farmgirl Fare content updates via FeedBurner (in things like My Yahoo!, Newsgator, Bloglines, etc.) but I'm embarrassed to admit I never learned how that whole (now pretty antiquated) RSS feed thing actually works. There's also something called BlogLovin', but I have no idea how that works either.

I hope this helps. As always, your comments, emails, and feedback are greatly appreciated.

See you around the farm!

©, the totally low tech foodie farm blog (no smartphones—or even cell phone reception—down here!) where our mostly well-behaved bovine neighbors can sometimes get a little rambunctious.


  1. RSS is awesome. Before google ended it, I used google reader. Now I use inoreader. Feedly is popular but too magazine-like for me.

  2. I read you from Bloglovin. I just added your blog address in my list on Bloglovin, so every time you do a new post it will show on my feed and I can click on it and read it. Very similar to google reader. I still get emails, but for a long time I had a problem opening the link to read it so that is why I started on bloglovin.

  3. No worries Susan! Ads are everywhere, and I just choose to ignore them and get to the fun posts that you and other fabulous bloggers write. :) ~ Laurie in California

  4. Used to receive your blog daily or so on Google reader and now on Feedly. It does quite well and have had no problems with it or, your blog. Keep feedin', Pat

  5. Thumbs up from me on Bloglovin' also! No ads, easy to scroll through the feed. If I miss a post I can click on Farmgirl Fare and see which posts are still unread. I should go do that now, in fact :) Have a good week, Susan! xo

  6. Bloglovin suits me all right too. I get right to your page and no extra ads to bother me. Love the Buddy Bear pic from last post. I feel just like that when I'm hanging out in the late day sun too. Pray tell, what are you doing with a dozen eggs a day ?~!

    1. Hi, Lynda - Sorry for butting in & being late about it :-), but did you know you can freeze eggs? My brother went half-in with a buddy on chickens and they still have too many, so he freezes the excess, fitting them around the venison or something. lol I reminded him he's still going to have to deal with it later and he said, "oh, I've got this sister who loves to bake and figure she'll visit with a cooler pretty soon".


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