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Recipe: Easy Chocolate Biscotti (and Rave Reviews)

Easy Chocolate Biscotti Recipe - perfect for holiday gift giving! —
Homemade chocolate biscotti makes a delicious holiday gift (recipe here).

Looking for a last minute holiday gift idea? Think homemade biscotti! I've been making and giving (and eating) this Easy Chocolate Biscotti for over 15 years, and it's always a huge hit.

Have you ever wondered how to make biscotti? These twice baked, crunchy Italian cookies always look so elegant and perfect, especially when packed up in little cello bags and tied with a pretty ribbon, but they're easier to make than you might think.

This simple recipe is ideal for first time biscotti bakers for two reasons: the buttery dough is easy to work with, and the chocolate makes it dark, so no one will be able to tell if all your cookies aren't the same exact shade of golden brown.

These biscotti stay fresh for several days, making them perfect for gift giving. They also freeze beautifully. The cookies have a nice (not break-your-teeth) crunch that stands up to dunking in coffee, but they also taste great on their own.

But don't just take my word for it. Below is a sampling of what others have said about this recipe since I originally shared it back in 2005. I especially love hearing about all the signature touches. Mint chocolate chips mixed in to the dough? Yes, please!

Thanks so much to all of you who take the time to comment on my recipes. And thanks for pinning them on Pinterest!

More below. . .
—I am not a great baker, but I am really glad I tried your recipe. They were great, even better than store bought! I always thought biscotti was so expensive, so I am happy I can make my own now.

—Thanks so much for the recipe! My son told me tonight at 8pm that he wanted to give gifts to all 9 of his middle school teachers... tomorrow. Can I get an "oy!" I usually make an almond biscotti, but hey, not an almond in the house! But thanks to you, I have chocolate ones, and they're fantastic!

—I made a double batch of these and brought them to my family's pre-Christmas party and they were a big hit.

—I made 2 batches two weeks ago, and am making 2 batches tonight for our family Christmas get-together tomorrow. It's awesome stuff!

—Your recipe was wonderful and easy! All the ladies at my Pampered Chef party loved it, and they were surprised I had made it myself! I finished mine off by dipping one end of the biscotti in chocolate!!

—Made these last night and we couldn't stop nibbling on them as soon as they came out of the oven - YUUUUUUM!

—I make these every year. They are ALWAYS a huge hit. Even those who don't like dunking them in coffee love them with milk or even tea. Or just naked! They are soooooo delish!

—Just made the biscotti and they are a dream! I did add dried cherries and chocolate chips and found it didn't affect the slicing. Mmmmm! Thanks!

—I have made this recipe a few times (thanks!), and last night I made them with mint chocolate chips. Yum!

—Deeelicious. . . Just made a batch for family gifts for Easter. Hope they last that long - already fighting off my hubby who keeps strolling through the kitchen.

—I just made this biscotti and it turned out beautifully. Thank you for a perfect recipe!!! I drizzled chocolate over them, sprinkled Christmas sprinkles and walnuts on them, and packaged them to give as gifts.

—Just wanted to drop in and say these biscotti were a hit!! I made them as gifts for Christmas and everyone was impressed and LOVED them!

And then there was the first time biscotti baker in Germany who emailed me a few years ago to say that he had made a huge batch of this recipe for a bake sale, called them Better than Sex Chocolate Biscotti, charged one Euro apiece, and quickly sold out! I love it.

Happy holiday baking!

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©, sweet, dark, and freshly baked—and even better dunked in coffee.


  1. It really is an amazing recipe and foolproof, too. Highly recommend trying it out!

  2. This will be a wonderful addition to coffee in the morning; I went back to look at the 2005 post with the recipe and it looks pretty easy.


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