Thursday, April 7

Easy Recipe: Really Lemony Lemon Bars (Low Sugar)

These easy, creamy dessert bars are made with less sugar and more lemon flavor. Delicious with either regular lemons or Meyer lemons! (recipe here)

I always try to keep a good supply of organic lemons on hand because their fresh juice and zest are such a great addition to so many recipes. We also use lemon juice in homemade cleaning products and have been drinking lemon water every day as an easy, natural way to help alkalize our bodies (I drink mine through a glass straw to save the enamel on my teeth). But our favorite way to use lemons is in these simple yet scrumptious Really Lemony Lemon Bars.

Rather than calling for several cups of sugar like many lemon bar recipes do, this lemon filling (which contains just four ingredients) is made with a can of sweetened condensed milk, which adds creaminess and sweetness while allowing the lemon flavor to really shine through. A generous helping of finely chopped lemon zest bumps up the lemon factor even more.

I like to tell people they're called Pucker Up Lemon Bars and are for serious lemon lovers only. Real farm eggs from happy, free-ranging hens will give your lemon bars a beautiful deep yellow color, and this is the time of year when egg laying is at its peak. Look for fresh eggs at farmers' markets or search on LocalHarvest for an egg farmer near you. 

Wondering what it's like to have your own hens? Check out my Chicken and Egg Farm Tale here. And you can see the Lemony Lemon Bar Whole Photo Shoot here.

We still have several pounds of lemons left from the 25+ pound case we bought a while back (I somehow forgot that I usually only order half a case each winter), so I treated us to a pan of these cheerful bars last week. And when Joe polished off the last one a few days later, I turned around and made a second batch. Enjoy!

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