Friday, April 29

Friday Farm Photo: Have a Peaceful Weekend.

Any plans this weekend? Joe is finishing up replacing the ratty pine construction stairs we've been living with for nearly five (!) years in our "new" house with the locally made oak boards that have been beautifully finished and sitting around for nearly five (!) years. What an upgrade.

I'm hoping to transplant about 40 heirloom tomato seedlings into larger containers since I don't have space for them in the kitchen garden yet. I also need to figure out where to put several pounds of seed potatoes and at least a couple of rows of haricots verts. All that fall/winter bed prep I'd planned to do never happened!

Meanwhile I'm listening to far off thunder rumble and waiting for some much needed rain to start falling any minute (this photo was taken yesterday) while planning meals of eggs, eggs, eggs, and salad greens, salad greens, salad greens (spinach, Swiss chard, beet greens, three kinds of kale, six kinds of lettuce, and some very happy arugula that I'm pretty sure is getting bigger by the hour). I've been craving yellow cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting, and it's time to bake some more hearty loaves of sourdough sprouted rye.

The still very woolly sheep and the donkeys will (finally) be eating grass, grass, and grass. More decluttering and spring cleaning (two year round pursuits) are on the agenda as well; not my favorite things, but it always feels so good once you're done. I'm hoping for a quiet, cozy, and productive weekend at home on the farm, which is just the kind I like.


  1. Estimada amiga: siempre es un placer recibir tus correos
    que, aparte de las recetas, que están muy buenas, tienen tus comentarios sobre la granja, el trabajo, y el placer de ver por ejemplo, ahora que la primavera hace revivir los colores dormidos durante el invierno. Muchas gracias.
    Desde Uruguay, con cariño,


  2. I love when you post photos of the farm. Makes me long for land of my own. : ) A strawberry rhubarb pie is already in the oven, and will be a reward for all the pruning, pruning, pruning I'll be doing this weekend. Hope that rain helped.

  3. I miss your personal updates about the farm! I hope all is well.


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