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Easy Blueberry Bonanza Bars with Streusel and Oats — Recipe and Rave Reviews

Celebrate a blueberry bonanza with this super popular triple layer, anytime sweet treat (recipe here).

Got blueberries? These scrumptious Blueberry Bonanza Breakfast Bars are my favorite way to celebrate blueberry season. They can be made with either fresh or frozen blueberries, and they don't have to be eaten for breakfast. I originally wrote about them back in 2006, and they've been one of my most popular recipes ever since.

Don't let the three separate layers scare you away; they come together quickly and you only need to dirty up two mixing bowls. They also freeze beautifully. With the oatmeal crust and streusel topping, these bars remind me of an eat-with-your-hands cross between blueberry pie and blueberry crisp.

If you only have a small blueberry haul (maybe because you ate half of them in the car on the way home), you could try the Just Peachy version or the Apple Blueberry version, which call for just two cups of blueberries each. Or use your imagination and what you have on hand; Farmgirl Fare readers have reported delicious success making these bars with blackberries, black cherries, frozen cranberries, stewed apricots, and raspberries.

Still not sure? Maybe the sampling below of rave reviews will get you on the blueberry bonanza breakfast bar bandwagon.

Thanks so much to all of you who take the time to come back and report on my recipes. And thanks for pinning them on Pinterest too!

Read rave reviews for Blueberry Bonanza Breakfast Bars below. . .

—My husband and I just finished off about half a pan of these bars. They are so awesome! I bookmarked the recipe ages ago, and now I'm wondering why I took so long to make them. I used local Michigan blueberries that I bought at our farmers market last summer and froze. Yummo!

—I made these over the weekend and they are AWESOME! I even put up a photo on my blog to show off how good they came out.

—Made these for some friends and they loved them. Thanks for the great recipe!

—I had to tell you I tried this recipe and fell in love! I wish I had had more room in my freezer during blueberry time.

—I made this recipe and it was sooo good! I would have never thought to add the almond extract and nutmeg but the flavors are perfect with the blueberries! Here's a photo. As you can see, we couldn't wait for them to cool completely! We've been eating them as a dessert with vanilla ice cream. This recipe is definitely a keeper, thanks!

—I took my boys to the local orchard to pick some blueberries. I was looking for some new recipes. These are heavenly, a new family favorite! Thank you!

—I just HAD to make this recipe after looking at the wonderful picture and reading through the recipe. It was TO DIE FOR!!! I have just made a big 9 x 13 pan of it this morning and I'm making another 9 x 13 pan tonight to freeze.

—Yum - these were so good...made them the night before, and they were a delight to wake up to!

—I made the Blueberry Breakfast Bars this morning and, WOW! These are true comfort food! My husband usually prefers muffins and cobblers that are whole grain, oaty, and not so sweet. He loved these and declared that this is better than any brown betty recipe I've made! Thanks for adding the word "breakfast" to this recipe so we can eat them all day!! :)

—Mmm...I made these with fresh black cherries and blueberries. So yummy! This is one of my new favorite recipes!

—Made these yesterday and yummo. I had some stewed apricots in the fridge to use up so I made one half with apricots and the other half with blueberries. Yummo!

—I made these for the first time back in the summer and absolutely loved them. When I found blueberries in my freezer today, these bars were the first thing that came to mind. I'm so glad you shared this recipe...although I haven't tried one of your recipes that hasn't been amazing.

—Just picked blueberries this 4th of July morning to make this recipe which I have made over and over again, passing the recipe on, and am here copying it again!

—Thank you! I never knew what to do with blueberries other than pancakes. I love them and had just purchased a big container full of blueberries. I had a teenager visiting and we made the Blueberry Breakfast Bars. It was simple enough to do and produced a large, beautiful, tasty product. It is something else she can add to her "What I Did This Summer" list.

—I have a small catering business, mostly catering corporate events. Recently, a local orthodontist asked me what I could do with blueberries that could be packaged and distributed as marketing gifts. I went searching the internet and came across your recipe. It sounded delicious, so we went with it.

They initially ordered 25 dozen to be distributed to dentists' offices all over town. Four days after that delivery, they contacted me and asked if I could do another 18 dozen for deliveries to a sister office in another city. In the interim, I decided to try the blueberry-peach bars as the dessert for a Luau-themed training lunch I was catering. In a nutshell, RAVE reviews from everyone!! Hope you don't mind that I'm taking the credit for such a fantastic recipe.

Oh, yeah—after the first delivery, we had a few extras. I brought them home and offered one the next morning to my six-year-old for breakfast. I made the mistake of turning my back, and when I looked he had polished off all but one on a plate of eight. He loved them!!

—I have done a LOT of baking and gotten a LOT of raving reviews in my young whole 23 years of living. .. I don't say that to brag on me but to brag on you! I made your blueberry oat bars and across the board I was told they were the best thing I've ever made. :)

Ready to give them a try now? Enjoy!

Hungry for more than blueberry bars? You'll find links to all my sweet and savory Less Fuss, More Flavor recipes in the Farmgirl Fare Recipe Index.

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