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6/13/11: The Daily Donkey 126

The Daily Donkey 126
Hey, who put this creek here? (Daphne, Dolores, Dan, Dinky, 5/16/08)



  1. Alabama Redbird6/14/2011 10:58 AM

    I love all your photos...I am somewhat like you in that I carry my camera everywhere possible..and enjoy taking photos of our own animals but the wild ones too when possible.
    Our neighbors have Donkeys and we love to sit out in the evening and watch them when they come to our fence...We give them treats-apples &carrots. My daughter in law and I even enjoyed the special delivery of a new baby.How fast they are to get to their feed and to their Mommas side and that good milk.
    Our neighbor raises cattle organically and sells the meat. The donkeys are used to keep coyotes away from the baby calves in the spring.
    They say they are very ferrocious against these predators.
    I plan on ordering some reusable canning jar lids through Amazon. Give all you animals a hug from their friends in Lower Alabama.

  2. Cracks me up how they look at the water in total amazement, like they've never seen any such thing before.


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