Monday, May 2

Well, Hi!

Evie and Dolores Looking for Treats

Did you bring us some donkey treats? Hardly anybody knows we're back here, hiding and starving in the May 2005 archives. You see, this blog was actually started in June 2005, but The Daily Donkey posts, which began in February 2011, are tucked away in May. Something about not wanting the homepage taken over by longears, as if anybody would complain about that.

So if you've just joined us and are working your way through the archives (welcome to the farm!), we're here to let you know that things officially begin in June, but you'll find a whole lot of cute donkey pictures below.

And now that we have that straightened out, can you please go and get us some treats?


1 comment:

  1. I love the photo of the little darlings. I wonder if you have snow as well as we do. If so I'd love to see them in the snow.


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