Monday, February 5

Farm Photo: 2/5/07

Hay Checkoint

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  1. I can't believe your donkey MP let that hay go through untouched. Or did he? :-P

    Must be cold there...brrrrr. It was 25 degrees this morning here in Georgia, which for us is torture. Yeah, we're wimps.

  2. I stumbled across your site and I love it! Reminds me of my New Mexico days. Well, years, actually. I didn't know about adding people to the network until I saw it on your blog. You're the first one I added!

  3. Once again Mr. Dudley Doright remains an unknown. I thought surely there'd be a glimpse of hair color at least. LOL Well, an amusing shot, nonetheless. Thanks!
    P.S. I bet the snow is crunching underfoot now!

  4. Thanks for the Emergency Chocolate Cake recipe - oh my gawd it's incredible! I was thinking this would be really nice with some fresh whipped cream and some fresh raspberries on top with some chocolate shavings..but who am I kidding - I can barely let this cool before I start shoving slices in my mouth. I can so understand why you hid the recipe from yourself.

  5. Man, that really looks cold there! I think I would need a nice beef stew, a piece of your hand baked bread and a nice slather of butter. Then later, a nice cup of hot chocolate with a few homemade marshmallows. I gotta go eat something!

  6. Hi Susan,
    This picture is simply lovely. Dan looks cuter than ever!

  7. I read your blog every single day and i've read your early adventures when you came to have a farm, but there's something I want to know simply because I'm nosy. Do you and Joe make a living as farmers or are you "gentleperson farmers" who have another job and farm for the love of it? I can't imagine you'd have the time for a (cough cough) "real" job (and I wouldn't think you'd want one if you could help it). Anyhoo, just wonderin'....

    By the way, I signed on as "anonymous" simply because I couldn't remember my password!! Just call me Jen.

  8. Hello fellow Missourian! Looks like you still have quite a bit of snow. Ours has melted away...almost (Ozark)

    I'll never take my power for granted, again. :)

  9. Dear Farmgirl Susan and Farmguy Joe -

    Not for nuthin', but shouldn't some farm animal be pulling that cart? I mean, I think things are backwards here.

    Why, I bet if you strap that thing to a few chickenz, they could earn their keep during non-egg-laying periods.

    I'm just sayin'.....

  10. Love DDD....great photo and it sure looks like winter has arrived in your area.
    I was visiting friends in the mountains of western MA over the weekend and they had snow on their farms, for sure...I saw a farm with several donkeys and right away thought of you! They looked happy in the snow. We walked 3 miles on the trails through beautiful snow and it was just lovely and gave me such serenity to bring back to reality on Monday. Thanks for your part, too.
    Hope you are feeling all better now!

  11. Hey, How much do you guys pay for hay there. We pay 7.00 dollars a bale here. I use up most of my grocery money every week feeding my ponies. Do you have a recipe that I could indulge myself with,maybe a loaf of gourmet hay bread? My hubbie helps out with barn chores too. What could be anymore sexy? Have a great hay day!!

  12. LOL I can just hear it now - Dan: "Hold on! Just hold on - I'm not done taste testing yet!! We can't let this hay go on any further until I make sure it's acceptable!!" LOL Great pic!

    Hope you're staying warm! We're on Day #3 of temps around 0F...brrrr.... Last nite, while driving around with our realtor looking at houses, she got her rear tire stuck in a ditch that LOOKED like level ground, what with all the snow in it. Try getting someone's car out of a ditch when it's 0F (and then there's the windchill!). Brrrrrrr! My finger tips are STILL tingling!

  13. Love this picture. Something about it seems so peaceful (maybe the snow?) And DDD and Farmer Joe's blue halter and shirt pop nicely. They must have placed an early morning phone call to coordinate for you - ha! Keep warm.

  14. The archive picture from WDB #20 is perfect comedy!! I truly laughed out loud.

  15. Winter is so beautiful where you live.

  16. DDD is so cute and his coat is beautiful. I thought donkeys were bigger or am I thinking of mules?

    And what is that hanging down from his halter? Is that to give you something to grab onto like love handles?

  17. Looks to me like clever donkey is munching away even as the cart is being towed...maybe the load got lighter and lighter with each step.

  18. That's a nice and peaceful picture! To look at it makes me relax...

  19. What a wonderful photo, so peacefull!


  20. A beautiful picture.

  21. Um...I would just like to say, "HEY!"

    Sorry, can't help it. We've been playing "Hey!" for a week now and I can't stop myself.

    In fact, you played without knowing it : "Checkpoint Hay".

    Nicely played, Farmgirl, nicely played...



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