Wednesday, April 18

Farm Photo: 4/18/07

Even Farm Bosses Have To Sleep Some Time

Our houseguests have arrived for their working vacation, and inbetween some fantastic meals, great progress is being made on the artisan bread bakery we're slowly building here on the farm. As I type this, a wonderful picture window is being installed above the spot where my 3-compartment stainless sink will go. I'll be able to wash dishes and gaze out at my favorite view.

The good news is that it doesn't look like I'll have to bring a couple of bouncing baby lambs into the living room to distract our guests from the dust--the food thing is working just fine. And silly me, I didn't even take into consideration the distracting effect just the smell of stuff cooking and baking has on hungry visitors.

There are three freshly baked loaves of pain au levain cooling on the counter, and the dutch oven I'm lovin' has been put back in the oven for another couple of hours. It's filled to the brim with short ribs from our own grass-fed beef, several pounds of sliced organic onions, two heads of chopped garlic, Italian heirloom tomatoes and sweet red peppers from the kitchen garden (via the freezer), and half a bottle of good red wine. The tummy-rumbling scent of dinner has wafted halfway to the barn.

Lamb Report:
The latest lamb arrived just minutes before our houseguests did. Both mother (a yearling ewe who still needs a food related 'C' name--click here to see all the choices or to suggest a name of your own) and baby (a healthy boy with some of the longest legs I've ever seen) are doing just fine. We finally have some vacancies at The Bonding Suite Inn, and the end of lambing season 2007 is in sight. What a wild spring it's been so far. Current Lamb Count: 38.


  1. chardonnay?

    just thinking out loud.


  2. *** whew ***

    just thinking about your past couple weeks!

  3. A "C" name? - How about Calleigh - I picked it out for ours but we got Arlo instead... T.

  4. How about "Catydid?"


  5. How about Cicily, which means "Blind Of Self Beauty?"

  6. Good to hear progress is being made on the bakery and that lambing season is just about to wrap up. Cheers!

  7. I am really envious of the your view and I really love your blog. Thanks for the daily doses of encouragement!

  8. so..I like Curly Carrie.....just saying....

  9. Well, since you want a food related name, I say Corriander (did I spell that right?) Then she could be called Corri/Corey/Cory however you want to spell it.

    It looks difficult being in charge of a farm. Do farm bosses get any perks like a saucer of milk? My cat Geoff wants to know.

  10. how about CUPCAKE...
    (sorry if someone's already posted this)

  11. how about "CUPCAKE"...

    or chimichanga or chorizo...
    (spice things up down on the farm)

  12. Cream Pie!

    (Hey, should we be starting to think of "D" food words for all this year's lambies?)

  13. I think cupcake is the way to go!

  14. How about Chicory. You could call her Chic!

  15. How about Cat?

    I like naming animals after other animals. My neighbor had a cat named Puppy, which I thought was hysterical and perfect.

    It's the only nice thing I can say about *those* neighbors.

  16. I haven't seen Chicharone yet. (pronounced chee cha ROAN eh)

  17. How about Claire from that song by Gilbert O'Sullivan with the same name.

    Or Clarice. No, not from "THAT" movie- the other one-Rudolf's girfriend from the animated holiday tale.

    Or Claudette after the actress from "The Egg and I", a hilarious movie about farm life.

  18. Awesome! Glad to see a new post, FarmGirl. Have fun with your visitors...isn't it great to have folks over who'll work as long as you feed them? :-)

  19. Celery? I was gonna say Coriander but courtney beat me to it. Calamari? Mr. Capers? Or the always fun to say Chakalaka! :-)

  20. It's been far too long since I last stopped in ...I always enjoy your blog.

    So, the lucky folks in your neck of the woods are about to have a wonderful bread provider! Good for them and you - All the best!

  21. How 'bout Chocolat? Said, of course, in the french accent. ;-)

    I'm so jealous of your bakery - I hope it works out!


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