Thursday, April 26

Farm Photo: 4/26/07

Cleanup Crew

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A year of Farm Photos ago (catching up a little bit here):
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4/25/06: Sheep Freedom Day 3: Slight Overindulgence
4/24/06: Sheep Freedom Day 2 Begins
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4/21/06: It's Always So Nice To Come Home
4/20/06: Sometimes There Simply Aren't Words
4/19/06: Watercress Thrives In The Spring Runoff
4/18/06: Spots On The Glass? I Hadn't Noticed
4/17/06: Monday Washday
4/16/06: Easter Greetings To You
4/15/06: I Haven't Shared A Sunrise In A While
WDB#30: Dogfoot Tiptoed Through The Tulips
WCB#45: Doodle In The Woodbox
WCB#46: Patchy Cat Chills Out To Non-Stop Classic Rock

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  1. You have the best photos. I have a couple of them that I use as wall paper on my computer. The one with you holding the tiny turtle is my favorite!

  2. I don't always have time to comment, but I still visit often. I never did sign up for the RSS Feed... But then I dont mind dropping by either, even if there has not been any new posts. Hope things are going well this busy spring day. How are those llamas?

  3. "Hey, mon, you can reach the leftovers better from this angle."

  4. Years ago I would set down a platter of milk for our kittens, and the smallest one invariably would walk onto the plate, stand in the center, and drink. Then leave little milky pawprints all over the kitchen. I loved it. And I suppose it's just as convenient, if you are a lamb, to stand in the trough to get at the last of feed. Yet another great photo, Susan!

  5. The photos are beautiful! Thanks for the index. I miss the farm...*sigh* never know what you had until you don't have it anymore.

  6. I enjoyed the index and learned a few things about sheep husbandry and manure in general! This photo would be perfect in a children's book!

  7. i like goat milk, goat satay, lamb chop, lamb stew and everything about lamb's based cook...

    nyum nyum... i like grill!

  8. You blog is wonderful, I feel at home, I am also in Missouri, a native but I did live 2 years of my teen years in Los Angeles County, CA. What a culture shock...sometimes I would trade some dull country air for some LA smog...just sometimes, when I feel isolated. If I had all of those cute animals to take care it would be so much more fun in my rural area. I love the fact that my kids can go to a small school and it is pretty safe but those things you did in California sound real neat too! Happy Spring! Shelli


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