Saturday, June 16

Recipe: Big and Manly Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip and Raisin Cookies for Father's Day (Because Dads Love Cookies, Too)

Big, Soft, and Chewy Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Raisin Cookies
Ready for a different chocolate chip cookie? These big treats are soft and chewy with a crisp, buttery edge. Don't let the whole wheat scare you away! (recipe here)

In my previous urban California life, before I moved to the wilds of Missouri and became an enthusiastic but clueless farmgirl, I owned a little bakery cafe. The decor was vintage, the made from scratch fare was of the old-fashioned, comfort food variety, and the cookies were always big: classic chocolate chip, chunky oatmeal walnut raisin, old-fashioned peanut butter, double chocolate chip.

Trust me when I say that guys love big cookies. I think it has to do with being able to grasp them with their oversized hands, rather than trying to deal with some dainty little thing. Big cookies are manly.

The majority of men who visited my bakery went for the chunky oatmeal walnut raisin, but if I'd had these whole wheat chocolate chip and raisin cookies in the display case, I know they would have been a bestseller.

They're soft and chewy with lots of vanilla flavor, a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg, and a crisp, buttery edge, and every guy who's ever tasted them has loved them. (I love them, too.) I gave a stack to the farrier and his son once when they were down here trimming donkey hooves, and a year later they were still talking about them.

The chocolate chips and raisins taste great together (although you can skip the raisins if you prefer), and the whole wheat flour adds to the flavor and texture without making them taste like health food. In fact, you don't even need to tell anyone they're whole wheat.

If dad likes cookies, try baking him a batch of these for Father's Day. And if for some reason he doesn't care for them, you'll just have to eat them all yourself and go buy him a tie.

As for the recipe, which I originally posted back in 2005 along with the story of my two pet chocolate chip sheep, it was given to me 20 years ago—by a man. Oh, and my hunky farmguy Joe wanted to make sure I tell you that these cookies even taste good with beer, although I recommend an ice cold glass of milk.

©, where the animals are cute, the work is hard, the food is fabulous, and the homemade cookies are almost always big.


  1. My dad is no longer with us but I'm sure DH will love these, especially if they go with beer!! LOL!!

  2. Well, even those of us who are not manly will love these cookies! I think raisins always make cookies taste better.

  3. So, seriously, who doesn't love a great cookie? And these must be just about the best! - everything delicious is combined in this cookie. My cookie jar is currently empty, but not for long - I'm making these today.


  4. One more thing, Susan. I could really use a couple of those 'real farm eggs'! (ha!ha!)

    Thanks, again.


  5. yummy. those do look wonderful.

    though i do really love old fashioned pb cookies and your reference to them as me salivating. they are so hard to find these days. have you posted a recipe for them? possibly even w/ whole wheat flour and natural pb????

    heat or no heat and other chores with standing i might need to do some baking this weekend....

  6. Oh wow! I pulled up my (your) Daily Dose of Cute and these gorgeous cookies popped up - Double YUM!!! They just look so very mouthwatering I felt I could almost taste them....and yes a large glass of milk does sound delicious with them, but since you did mention (iced cold) beer and cookies - Whoo Hooo!!!
    P.S. And thank you for sharing the receipe - I'm going to give it a go...

  7. Oh, please give Big Chip an extra hug for father's day (even though he will never be one)... from all of us Farmgirl readers!

  8. How fun to hear about a real life on a real farm! Those cookies look amazing. blog banner is adorable.


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