Friday, January 27

Friday Dose of Cute: (Still) On the Move

Sheep and Lucky Buddy Bear in the front field -

Hello from the new house! Although we moved ourselves over here late last summer, until yesterday our satellite Internet connection was still located in The Shack, so I've been blogging all these months from my old cluttered little studio office (which you can read a little about here).

The commute across the farmyard, which I made numerous times a day, was very pleasant, and Sarah Kate and Mr. Midnight, who still prefer to hang out and sleep in The Shack, kept me company, but it feels so good to finally be over here in the new house.

More below. . .
My new second floor studio office is a big, beautiful space, with cheerful butter yellow walls, bright white trim, hardwood flooring, a 9-foot ceiling with three ceiling fans, and plenty of light. I feel happy every time I walk in the door, even though it's currently a big mess.

All I have to do is figure out how I want everything arranged (including where that cozy reading nook will be), move out all the stuff that's already accumulated in this handy catch-all area (how did that inflatable bed we never use get in here anyway?), and move in my file cabinets, drafting table, hundreds of books, artwork, and various vintage treasures, some of which have been packed away since I moved in with my hunky farmguy Joe twelve years ago. There's lots to do.

But my new streamlined desk area is set up, the satellite is working great, a new wireless router that will allow us to finally be online in more than one place is on the way (woohoo!), and there's no big rush to accomplish everything else.

I'm taking my time and savoring the endless possibilities of starting fresh—while adding inspirational photos to the Creative Studios & Offices and Organizing & Display boards on my new Farmgirl Fare Pinterest page.

Right now I need to go shape three loaves of sandwich bread (an easy 100% whole wheat bread recipe coming hopefully soon!) and then head down to the barn to help Joe get the sheep ready to be sheared tomorrow. And then there's firewood to be cut, fencing to fix, seeds to be ordered, and more raised beds in the kitchen garden that need to be weeded and spread with sheep manure while this crazy mild weather holds out.

Dusting off books and moving file cabinets will never be high on the farm priority list, and that's just fine with me. Hens over housework, homemade pie over putting away paperwork. But little by little, it really is all coming together. I'm so thrilled.

©, where slow and steady is the pace—and I'll share pictures of my new work space once it's in a little better shape. What I forgot to do was take pictures when it was completely empty!


  1. Congratulations on one more step in the move! :)
    Good luck with sheep shearing tomorrow! Yikes!!

  2. Oh I loved looking at your Pinterest boards! Such fun! I'm afraid I could spend ways too much time perusing them. Any chance you would share some pictures of your new office space with us? It's exciting for you to have this new space and all the possibilities - I'm happy & excited for you!

  3. One of the hardest things about moving is having to let go of your internet connection for a while! You lucked out in this situation, with your studio and all. Glad to see it worked out for you!

    I love how, in the picture, your dog looks almost as big as the sheep.

  4. After following you for years---and waiting impatiently for you to move to your new home, I am actually excited about this post. FINALLY.

    Way to go!! And guess I missed your Pinterest page---it is now bookmarked
    By the way, I have been baking from "ARTISAN BREAD IN FIVE MINUTES A DAY". I like the simplicity and ease but I keep wondering if I am settling for less quality or flavor. Do you have any thoughts? Think I'll bake one of your loaves and compare.

  5. Whaddya mean, the inflatable bed you never use? OK, it WAS 2 years ago. :-) Hope you kept the sheep sheet!


  6. Yeah!!!! So happy you are officially in your new space. Really excited to see pics, messy or not!

  7. eagerly awaiting the whole wheat bread recipe. Your big move - SO excited for you - the Shack has been a wonderful season of life. Will be nice not to have things more convenient and less "roughing it".
    Bless y'all - and of course those happy critters!

  8. I'm glad you are getting moved it.

  9. Can't wait for the whole wheat bread recipe!!!

  10. You must be stoked! Congrats on the big move -- finally :-)


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