Wednesday, January 4

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Bear on the Mole Patrol (and The Whole Picture)

Bear on the Mole Patrol 1 -

More photos below. . .

Bear on the Mole Patrol 2 -

Bear on the Mole Patrol 3 -

Bear on the Mole Patrol 4 -

Bear on the Mole Patrol 5 -

Bear on the Mole Patrol 6 -

Bear on the Mole Patrol 7 -

More mole patrol? Here.
More of The Whole Picture series? Here.
More sheep? Here.
More donkeys? Here.

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  1. Glad to see he has "supervisors"!!

  2. Looks to me like they're making sure Buddy Bear doesn't have some special treat that should be shared. Sharon from Maine

  3. TRUE, a lot of cuteness there.

  4. just found your blog your donkeys are so cute we just started our 3 generation family blog your welcome to check it out, pam

  5. Oh, may I borrow him (and maybe a donkey and sheep or two)? We have a prodigious gopher problem...they just decimated a huge artichoke plant that I've had for 4 years. My dog stares at the ground and cocks her head but never tries to, um, scare them off!

  6. I live on an ancient sea bed, nothing but fine sand, and I am ashamed and horrified sometimes... :( at the gopher holes, which my dog dearly loves to go after, digging humongous holes, some seriously deep, coming out covered in dirt... he gets very excited... :)

  7. Oh yeah - our dog LOVES to dig for moles, gophers, voles - any delicious furry burrowing creature. Nearly got her fool head stuck in an overturned tree trunk going after a pack of something furry and burrowing during our last backcountry hike.

    So, how many mole cross sections have YOU seen when Bear rips them from their tunnels and dives in for the kill?

    Jada likes to share her kills with me because she's thoughtful that way.


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