Monday, August 13

Monday Dose of Cute: Snackbert on Alert

Chicken snacks. . . they aren't just for chickens (1) -

7 more photos below. . .

Chicken snacks. . . they aren't just for chickens (2) -

Chicken snacks. . . they aren't just for chickens (3) -

Chicken snacks. . . they aren't just for chickens (4) -

Chicken snacks. . . they aren't just for chickens (5) -

Chicken snacks. . . they aren't just for chickens (6) -

Chicken snacks. . . they aren't just for chickens (8) -

Wishing you a smile (and snack) filled week!

More chickens? Here.
More beagle Bert? Here.
More treat times? Here.

©, the equal opportunity foodie farm blog where chicken snacks aren't just for chickens—and the reader whose vet told her that beagles are bottomless pits was right. At least where this beagle (who is supposed to be on a diet) is concerned.


  1. Glad to see he's getting his veggies! One of my cats goes crazy for greens and will sit on his stool on the other side of the kitchen counter and howl for lettuce when I make a salad; he also loves fresh basil, of all things!

    I hope you're have a good Monday. :)

    1. STH, I used to have a cat that BEGGED for artichokes, but was indifferent about any other non-cat food.

      Susan, Bert's on the "see-food" diet!

  2. Well, they ARE bottomless pits! My vet told us that many years ago. Yet, Barkley lived to be a ripe old 14 and was full of fun and vigor. He was on a relatively strict diet and maintained his boyish physique with one eye on anything that wasn't moving..including neighborhood garbage cans. He would have been right there with that cute Snackbert!

  3. We all love Bert - he is such a character!!

    As for STH (the first Commenter), Wow! What a great cat you have. Our animals really do make our live better, in so many ways, don't they? I love how they all have their own personalities.

  4. Cute pictures! Our dog always "thinks" he wants the chickens' treats, at least until I show him that it is just veggies! :)

  5. My Mini Dachshund is a bottomless pit also. She will beg shamelessly for broccoli, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, peas, green beans...most anything green EXCEPT spinach! That's just about the only thing that hits the floor and stays there! She and Bert would be so cute together! (Chris in Indiana)

  6. Another veggie loving dog owner here. Mine loves carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, brussel sprouts, raw kale, raw green beans, plus blueberries, strawberries and apple. She will also eat lettuce but prefers it with a bit of oil and lemon juice on it.

  7. All your animals seem to get along.

  8. Definitely made me smile. Chickens!

    By the way, you've been nominated for the Sunshine Award!

  9. Cute pictures :) I've got chicken but your look very cool. And this dog.. i wanna him :)
    Joke :)
    Wery nice picture.. i like this

  10. Your photos always make me smile!

  11. What a great progression ... closer and closer until ... he becomes One with the Treats - every beagle's dream!


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