Thursday, August 30

Thursday Dose of Cute: Hay Bert (and The Whole Picture)

Bert in the hay (1) -

More photos below. . .

Bert in the hay (2) -

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©, where we never thought that 64 bales of year-old, weather beaten hay would become so precious (besides providing the perfect beagle perch of course). We're looking forward to hopefully getting a good soaking of rain on those bales (and everything else on the farm) this weekend from Isaac. And just in case he decided to change course, today I put four loads of laundry out on the line as bait. Before I'd made it back into the house with the last empty basket, a few drops were already coming down, despite the blazing sun. Yes!


  1. So just how does Bert, who can't be very tall, get himself up onto that high perch? :)
    I do hope you're in for some rain and I also hope that you're feeling better these days.

  2. I hope Isaac is touching you gently and just with lots (not TOO much!)of rain and no wind. These pix of Bert make me want to nap on hay!

  3. 'Just south of you in Arkansas, the rain has come! We are so very grateful for it. Please give Bert a hug for me. His pictures always make me smile! -Marci

  4. Hooray for rain and Beagle Bert lookout perches!

  5. If all it takes is some clean laundry to make it rain, count me in! I'm hoping Isaac dumps a lot of rain your way!

    Bert is just too cute (as usual!) - we love him!

    Thanks, too, for your last post about Farmhouse White - another favorite. Yum!

    Happy Labor Day weekend to you!

  6. Maybe give the truck a wash while you're at it and plan a big outdoor event. That ought to get the rain coming.

  7. We've been watching the Gulf and hoping you guys would get a terrific soaking out of this. Hallelujah! Enjoy every drop, you earned it (and then some))! Adorable Bert!

  8. Oh Burt is so adorable!! I am new to your blog and am so excited to have discovered it!


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