Monday, October 28

Monday Dose of Cute: Hangin' with the Big Dogs

Hanging with the big dogs (1) -

This is a low maintenance time of year with the sheep. Breeding season is over, lambing season won't start for another three months (which I know will go by in a flash, it always does), and there's still enough good food out in the pastures so that we don't have to do any supplemental feeding. We're behind trimming hooves, but we're always behind trimming hooves.

If the weather and the grass hold out, we may not have to start feeding any of our homegrown organic hay until winter, which would be really nice. In another few weeks we'll separate out the 15 bred ewes (including the two that I'm afraid aren't pregnant since they were seriously flirting it up with Da Big Guy the other day) and start giving them a daily ration of grain to make sure they're consuming enough calories to sustain the twins and triplets that are probably growing inside most of them. This past lambing season we ended up with 19 live lambs from 9 mamas, and not a single single.

For now, though, the entire flock is fat and happy and living together (minus our ram, Da Big Guy, and his buddy Teddy) with their guard dogs, Daisy and Marta, out in the securely fenced, big front field. This means peace of mind for us, and an easier job for the dogs, since they don't have to worry about any of their sheep wandering off in search of better snacks.

Twice a day I head out front to count and check on everyone and visit with the dogs (and maybe do a little sheep snuggling too). Lately the flock has been resting at the very far end of the field, but I don't mind the hike. With the lovely weather and beautiful autumn color we've been having, this is definitely one of the most enjoyable parts of my day. And it's always more fun when Bear and Bert come along with me.

18 more photos below. . .

Hanging with the big dogs (2) -

Hanging with the big dogs (3) -

Hanging with the big dogs (4) -

Hanging with the big dogs (5) -

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©, where that curious ewe watching Bear and Daisy is my (not so baby) Cary, who is doing just fine, though I sometimes wonder if she misses her Nanny Bear.


  1. Always love the photos of the dogs.


  2. These photos made my day begin with a big smile. I love, love dogs - and your site. I have followed you from the beginning.

  3. I thought of Farmgirl Fare a couple weeks ago- I picked up some apples and non-pasteurized cider from a local orchard. They have these little black Welsh Mountain Sheep, and you can pet them, buy their wool as yarn, and buy their meat. They were such nice sheep!

  4. What a lovely "chore" you have there! The dogs certainly look to be having a good time too! :)

  5. Looks to me like Bear and Bert are sharing a secret joke and having a good laugh over it!

  6. Your flock looks happy and peaceful. The Shepherd put our new ram (Elliott) and his buddy Frosty in with our five girls last weekend. So far everything is going very well, everyone is being respectful when he goes in to feed breakfast and dinner. We will be looking for 10 lambs come spring - T.


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