Thursday, January 11

Farm Photo: 1/11/07

Golden Globe Turnip Flowers In My April 2006 Garden

Excuses for the lazy kitchen gardener come almost too easily. Didn't get around to harvesting all of your bounty? You're saving the seeds of course. Forgot to actually save the seeds? You're feeding the birds--and, more importantly, keeping your beloved seed companies in business. Once again, it's seed ordering season in the kitchen garden--oh my! **

There is nothing more wonderful than the feelings of pride and accomplishment that accompany a meal of glorious bounty that were once just a few seeds in your hand--even if that bounty consists of only
a handful of arugula. Growing food from seed is not as intimidating (or as much work) as you might think. Honest. (Well, as long as you don't get really, really carried away with your seed order.)

Inbetween sending in my seed orders, I'm working on some posts for about ordering seeds. If you would like to receive each new IMKG post via email, just pop over there and look for the sign-up thingie in the top right hand corner of the homepage. Didn't know about my kitchen garden blog? Click here to read why it's not just for gardeners.

And thank you all so much for your congratulatory comments and emails regarding my Food Blog Award. I never could have done it without you!

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Distracted By The Sky

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** For some of my basic tips for starting seeds, click
here and scroll down to the comments section. A great place to find answers to all your gardening questions is at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds' With nearly 2,000 members and over 20,000 posts, it's the Internet's largest forum dedicated to the heirloom gardener. My favorite gardening book for the past 5 years has been The Vegetable Gardener's Bible by Ed Smith. Click here to read my review of it.


  1. Could the green thumb wanna bees get some seed planting tips? I'm frustrated because most of my seeds never work... The only plants I can grow are ones someone has already started for me, and ten times the cost :(

  2. Congratulations on your well-deserved win!

  3. Had to pop in and say CONGRATULATIONS! Your blog absolutely deserves the award and much recognition. It is inspiring and beautiful! It, I must say, even inspired me to start my own. Now, about today's picture. I not proud to say that I've had my share of areas of my garden a'lookin' just like that. Pretty, but not exactly what I had in mind when I planted!

  4. One morning while still on my first cup of coffee I stumbled upon Farngurk Fare. Then I clicked on a link that took me to In My Kitchen Garden and sometime during my third cup of coffee I clicked on Farmgirl Fare: Back to the Beginning. I spent quite an enjoyable morning and I'm pleased to see that you won the award. Although I don't have a blog I read several and must say that yours stands out. Great work.

  5. Sorry, that was supposed to be Farmgirl Fare. Where is the "awe shoot" button when you need one? :(

  6. Hi, I am an old farm boy, left the farm in 1960, but never forgot. I found your site through Snake in My Shoes.
    Stop by and visit some time, I will fix you a tall glass of iced tea..........

  7. That picture is a welcome sight on this, a cold 30F day. Makes me think of spring flowers and warmer temperatures.


  9. Much congrats, Susan!! I voted my fingers to the bone for you and couldn't be more pleased to see that winners badge on the blog. Here's to another year of eating fabulously thanks to your blog.

    I'll spend the next year talking you up while I steal your recipes and foist them on my guests and husband.


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