Tuesday, January 2

Farm Photo: 1/2/07

2006 Headlines That Didn't Make The News

Donkey Brings Morning Traffic To A Standstill

A year of Daily Photos ago:
Winter Color

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  1. hahahaahahahahahaha


    your pictures always make my day!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So, I guess "Move Jackass, get outta the way!" would actually be polite and appropriate here? But I'm sure they were more sheepish than that, though. (you knew it was coming) *grin*

  3. This one made me laugh out loud. I love it!!

  4. I have subscribed to your blog for several months now. I love the pictures, but what I enjoy most is reading your stories of farm life. It is obvious that you love the life you are living. I am striving toward that. One of my resolutions is to post regularly in my own blog this year and to document the every day things that bring me joy. Thanks for your inspiration!

  5. The looks on those girl's faces are priceless - "Hey buddy, Moooove it"
    - I like Shaun's idea too - I'm sure it was on their minds. LOL T.

  6. Yeah, I particularly love the sheep who looks like she's been stuck in donkey-traffic before. She's going "Well, of course."

  7. I'm so glad you mentioned, a couple of days ago, that no-knead bread could bake on a baking stone. (I don't have a "6-8 quart heavy baking dish".....)

    I tried it over the weekend (on a $9 pizza stone from Target), and it was very good indeed!


  8. Hilarious! I can hear the traffic report now: "There's a donkey blocking all lanes on Barn Door Road; expect serious delays!"

  9. I really really really really like your blog - a new find for me in 2007 - I trawl a fair few and am turned off by so much uninspired yaw! This is of a different ilk - and lovely - Thank you


  10. There's a best-of-2006 food blog poll going on at the Well Fed Network (http://www.wellfed.net). You've made the cut, as one of the best rural food blogs. So far you are ahead in the poll. I know, because I just voted of you. :)

  11. I also just voted for you!! Joan S

  12. Just voted too! Love the photo. That's one stubborn traffic cop if I ever saw one.

  13. Dan seems just like my donkey - HAS to be in the middle of everything looking for Trouble (with a capital "T"). This time it looks as if he may be actually helping!

  14. I don't consider myself a foodie, but I voted too.

  15. Wow, if that was the kind of traffic jams we had around here; this city would be a much nicer place.


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