Sunday, January 7

Farm Photo: 1/7/07

What I Learned From Cary Last Year:

The best things in life only appear to be unobtainable. . .

All you have to do is reach up, grab hold, and take the biggest bite you can.

A lot of memorable things happened on the farm in 2006, but for me it will always be remembered as The Year My Lamb Laid Waste To The Garden.** And I wouldn't change a minute of it--even if the raspberries and asparagus don't grow back.

Little Cary was 8 months old yesterday! (These photos were taken back on August 20th.) I'm a little late here, I know. For some unknown reason, all last week I had it in my head that Cary was born on the 7th, not the 6th. Fortunately she doesn't hold that kind of thing against me, because Cary is extremely good at pouting and inducing guilt. Almost as good as Dan. But not quite. I don't think anybody has perfected the art of inducing guilt better than a sulking little donkey, especially if he is wearing an extremely ratty blue halter. (It's coming off soon, I swear.)

Wondering who Cary is? Click here to read her story.

And if you'd like to see more:
Cary Is Seven Months Old Today!
Cary Is Six Months Old Today!
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Cary Is Two Months Old Today!

Cary captured in the garden:
--On July 31st sucking down the surprise lilies
--On July 27th eating around the bean poles
--On June 30th in the weeds
--On June 27th eating weeds & inhaling asparagus ferns
--On June 19th lunching in the greenhouse
--On May 28th by the beets
--On May 27th with the turtles
--On May 23rd on the cucumbers

A year of Daily Photos ago: The Boys In Dan's Hood
And WCB #31: Now You See Him. . .

**With many thanks to Finny for providing me with that perfectly fitting phrase last summer, "lay waste to the garden," which never fails to make me smile.


  1. Cary!!!! XOXOXOX

  2. aaawh, cary shares her birthday with my dear ol departed mom.

    snif, snif.

    p.s. question: is dan really a guard donkey? i mean, is that the real reason for having a donkey on a farm? does he ever pull a cart or anything? i know you got him cuz he's adorable, but i was just wondering about the professional farmer reason..

  3. I have two pet sheep and their best pal is a shetland pony rather than a donkey.

    But mine are large - VERY LARGE - and very willful.

    I also think shetlands make donkeys seem positively malleable! Ours was once described as 'maniacal' - I wouldn't go that far but he is a handful.

    So I feel kindred


  4. Wow, hard to believe she's ONLY 8 months old now....

    How often is she allowed in the house these days?

    Made more of your oatmeal bread yesterday - added flax seed, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds to the mix, replaced one cup of the water with the last of some buttermilk (not sure I've noticed a difference?), and subbed 2 cups of the flour with whole wheat. Turned one 1/3 of it into hamburger buns - will have those tonite with sloppy joes. GOOD stuff!!

    Oh, and while it doesn't look like you needed it, you've got my vote for bestest ever web site! ;-)

  5. Love the pics and the history and the pics and the food and the pics and the writing, oh and did I mention the pics! Just tried to vote for your blog and was told I had voted already!?!? Sent them an email and will try again later. Go Farmgirl Fare!

  6. Thanks for the continued sweetness that is Cary. I have read all the archives but it is always wonderful to read them again. I never fail to smile when I read your blog!


  7. That Cary - is small but mighty!

    Happy birhday pretty girl!

    I'm voting my fingers to the bone.

  8. We can learn a whole lot about ourselves and life from our animals.

    They have already made a few books about what we've learned from our dogs and cats, so you KNOW you should do well if you convert these pearls of wisdom into a "The Important Things in Life I Learned from My Farm Animals" book. It could be complete with your photos as the illustrations (like "The Blue Day Book").

    Your little book could be an easy way to get your feet wet before all of the other publishing you've been encouraged to do.

  9. So! Where is Studly Jeff in all this? Hmmm?

  10. Cary I'm also late.

    Happy Birthday!

    I went through all the old Cary photos and I just love "Thinning Beets with Cary." I think that photo just says it all.


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