Saturday, July 14

Farm Photo: 7/14/07

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  1. Susan,
    Been there done that, tore the t-shirt doing it.

  2. Envy you the hay - we paid $95/round bale this past year for "keep the goats alive" hay. Wish I could bring over a covered dish or two to help you out on the feeding! Two words - Water, Sunblock!
    Bless you and be careful

  3. When I saw that you were out in the hay the first thing I thought of was the photo from last year of Carry in the truck with the ice pack. Thanks for adding a link to it.

    Stay Cool!!

  4. Hmmm...taking a tumble in the hay? Well, I guess that's a good excuse for not bloggin'. Have a safe gathering, Susan.

  5. What an incredibly beautiful sky and hay field. Wish we were green during the summer too instead of only during the winter.

  6. Hi! I found you on BlogTopList, and now when I see you`re in haying season, I know exactly what that means. I was a farm girl, well, that´s a long time ago. I´m Swedish, it´s raining every day, and that´s not good for the hay.

  7. Hay fields are such a beautiful sight to see. So wonderfully fresh & green.
    The tree up ahead of the truck looks ideal to break out the picnic basket packed with some of your yummy foods and cold drinks....sigh....

  8. What a wonderful landscape! I love this picture...
    That must be harsh work in the sun!

  9. Hay! Haaay! HAAAAAAAY, Farmgirl!

    Oh, sorry. You've already heard that corny pun. :-P

  10. Enjoying hearing all about farming life in the US from your blog. In some ways it's very similar - and in other ways it's very different - to farming life here in England.
    Good luck with the haymaking!

  11. Those clouds look like they're painted in! What a beautiful shot.

  12. We could play the most annoying game of "Hey!" on your farm. It would rule.


    Heheheeeee - I win!

    See, annoying...

  13. I love "haying" season on the farm. There's something about the smell, the look, and the feeling of great accomplishment! Beautiful photo. $95/round bale! Man, that would be heaven!!

  14. Lovely photo!

    Good luck with the hay harvest. I know first hand how hard that is, the good old days in Idaho. I learned how to drive on a hay truck when i was 12 years old with long spindly legs.

  15. Great photo. Looks like it was fantastic day for haying!


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