Wednesday, November 14

Wednesday Farm Photo: Ram Lamb Transport

All in a Day's Work

A year of Farm Photos ago:
11/1/06: Frozen Breakfast On The Run
11/2/06: Autumn Sunflower
11/3/06: Autumn Color One Week To The Next
11/4/06: Grace & Beauty Are Everywhere (one of my favorite photos)
11/5/06: Self-Portrait In A Puddle
11/6/06: Little Cary Is Six Months Old Today!
11/7/06: Walk In The Woods
11/8/06: Donkey Doodle Dandy Is Quite The Dainty Eater
11/9/06: Big Sky
11/10/06: 240 Acres & He Wants To Be On Your Foot
11/11/06: It's The Little Things
11/12/06: Beyond This Door There Be Treats
11/13/06: Petite Rouge Heirloom Lettuce In The Garden
11/14/06: Did You Say Snow? (I'm so glad we don't have snow predicted yet this year!)

And two years ago out of the kitchen came:
Simple Summer Harvest Soup (The Autumn Version)
Mexican Monkey Cake (made it last week for my mom & she loved it)
Beyond Easy Beer Bread Recipe (my most popular recipe)

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  1. Ugh, might I say nice rear view? Hunky is the right word.Not only do you live on that great property, but you get to share it with that fine specimen! Nice.

  2. That's a LAMB????

  3. I love it when you link back to past recipes and photos! Found your lentil/sausage recipe and will make it this Sunday for us! Looks delish!!


  4. OMG. That is one darn sexy man. Sweet back, nice hips, fine rear, and long shapely strong legs.

    Dayamn. You go, girl!

  5. I love how the dog and kitty are supervising the transport! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  6. Love your site, the photos and adore your sheep.

    Plus, with those delicious recipes, I just might give my kitchen another try!

  7. Nice butt, FarmGuy. :-P And cute lamb, too!

  8. WHAT - A - BUTT! That looks as delicious as any dish you've posted :)


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