Sunday, November 25

Farm Photo 11/25/07: Looking For Some Action

10:46 am


Six-year-old Lucky Buddy Bear is half Australian Shepherd and half English Shepherd, and he likes to stay busy. I know he enjoys his life on the farm, but sometimes I get the feeling he's severely underworked.

Want to see more? Here are photos of Bear (mostly) in action:
10/16/05: Evening Roundup
2/3/06: Stock Dog Extraordinaire
I'll Spring To Life If There's Trouble
3/5/06: Add Babysitting To Bear's Job Description
Resting But Ready For Anything
Now That's A Dedicated Dog
10/1/06: Bodyguard or Nanny Bear?
10/15/06: Veggie Patrol
Sheep Shearing Day Duties
Gang Activity
3/27/07: Hanging With Newborn Twins
Dog Inspection
9/3/07: Squirrel!
9/30/07: It's A Stock Dog's Life

And you'll find more Bear photos & stories

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  1. I just LOVE this photo sequence of Lucky Buddy Bear! (and the time stamp: all within one minute!). It speaks miles...and I find him so darling.

  2. Adorable. Simply adorable!

  3. This is a great series of photos.

  4. Hello,
    I am new to your blog. I just had a look at your dog post - it is soo sweet - thank you for sharing.

  5. Great photos! I am so jealous of all your acreage and remoteness!
    Tha Park Wife

  6. I have always loved seeing and hearing about your Lucky Buddy Bear. I've tried to talk my husband into an English Shepherd with no luck. But he finally relented on this "type" of dog, and last Friday we picked out our new Aussie pup, a black tricolor male we've named Jackson. He'll be our first herding dog, and I think he'll be wonderful! My almost-six-year-old son is counting the days....

  7. What a beauty that Bear is... I love reading updates on him and your other 'kids' and have missed visiting you recently. Thank you for sharing you magical life with us out here in blogland =)

  8. Appears Buddy Bear is overqualified for his current duties - either that - or he has an itch he hasn't determined to scratch just yet. Good series - those four legged working partners in a farm are unique - they love us BUT they need to work. Too bad he doesn't do laundry huh? Thanks for the update - love to visit your place esp. when ours is so quiet.

  9. He is a good looking fella and I am sure he is just taking time to smell the roses? As I viewed the photos..I just knew what was going to happen next! The photos were precious!

  10. A friend of mine bought his Aussie Shepherd a flock of ducks to keep him occupied. The ducks probably had little ducky breakdowns, but the dog was happy!

  11. I have a little Border Collie that would swoon over Buddy Bear:) I love dogs and you have captured him to the T. Love the back leg streatch and the great to extension.

  12. I have three dogs, too, one of them (REX) is how your Lucky Buddy Bear and have the same age, sometimes is so active and know, look how I work. I live at the countryside too,but is more small that your. Gloria (Yours pictures are lovely)

  13. Hah! Very cute. A dog needs a job. I have two little Papillons. Their job is to chase the deer away from the garden. I have some great photo sequences (on my blog) of the deer running in fear from the 10 lb. balls of fur. Hilarous.

    I am happy to have fond your blog. Fabulous!

    --Robin (Bumblebee)

  14. I've got two Australian Shepherds on my tiny farm, and they are always trying to do some work. Whether it's happily chasing my errant chickens back in their pen or just making sure I know a stranger has come on the property (or my dad, or my son....they just want me to know, ya know?), they are a wonderful part of rural life.

  15. Well, if your dog is THAT bored.... you could always train him to do ironing

  16. that was absolutely adorable!


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