Friday, November 16

Farm Photo 11/16/07: Exercising With A View

Out Enjoying The Fleeting Autumn Scenery

And fleeting it was. A few blustery days have stripped nearly all the trees bare. I took this photo back on November 4th while my mother was visiting. When I dropped her off at the airport one of the last things she said was, "We didn't go walking enough!" True. We were pretty busy cooking and eating, but we did manage to do the short walk (two miles rather than the entire four) at least half of the days she was here.

The beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery were certainly reason enough to get us out of the kitchen and hiking up our steep driveway and along the hilly ridge above the farm, but it was also an easy way to work up an appetite for our next meal!

As far as this photo goes, I don't know if I should be afraid that I'm repeating myself, or feel comforted in the fact that I'm consistent. Joe and I were looking at photos I'd posted this time last year, and I pointed out how similar one of them was to the photo above. Then he pointed out that I'd actually photographed the exact same bend in the mile-and-a-half-long stretch of road, just from a little further back.

It's funny how many times I've found myself taking pictures of the exact same thing. But in this constantly changing world of ours, I think the real comfort comes in knowing that certain things around the farm, rather than my eye, remain steadily consistent from one year to the next.

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  1. Love the photo ... the atmosphere is so peaceful.

    I vote to keep taking pictures at that same bend in the road.

  2. So Susan - you going to do a series "Bend in the Road with Buddy Bear?" LOL - beautiful as always - he is such a photogenic fellow! So what did you and your mother make to eat that all of us mere mortals would lust about? I know - another time we'll get that blog post! Autumn really is too fleeting isn't it?

  3. It would appear that Bear also enjoys this bend in the road and perhaps is also doing a bit of modeling for the camera here.

    Is that his good side?

  4. I noticed it was the same bend, but it looks a lot different this year. At the very least you had sunshine this time!

    I find there are favorite spots in the woods that are somehow more magical. That must be one.

  5. I remember a month or so ago you worried about this same thing regarding similar swing photos. It doesn't matter - if an image catches your eye, you can be certain there's a reason for it. It might be interesting to do a series of all the 'Bend in the Road' shots just to see what the differences are. Regardless, your photos are beautiful and reshooting the same locations simply allows the newcomers to your site (me) see all the things you love.

  6. I keep taking pictures of the same darn kid. She gets a little bigger each time but you can barely tell. She's still my favorite photo subject. Go figure...


  7. The Bend in the must be a place that makes you feel right, feel good, want to preserve the time.

  8. Beauty is in that same bend. That day or a year ago it does have a comfort to it. Thanks for sharing.


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