Sunday, May 29

Sunday Farm Photo: Once the Treat Trough is Empty. . .

Donkeys heading out to graze
It's time to head back out in the field.

The Daily Donkey 112: Startled by a Bear

©, where green comes in about 459 different shades this time of year.


  1. Donkeys grazing in a field of green... ahh!

  2. It really looks beautiful and lush - gorgeous!!


  3. Hello -

    I love your blog. I feel like I'm there with you with all the great photos and descriptive posts. I cry over Cary all the time, such a good sheep.

    Anyway, I heard this today:

    and thought of you.

    Within the link, there's a 7 minute audio interview (with donkeys in the background!) I hope you're able to listen to it.

    Take care,



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