Thursday, May 26

Thursday Dose of Cute: Back at a Friend's Farm

Visit to a friend's farm 1

More photos and the story below. . .

Visit to a friend's farm 2

Visit to a friend's farm 3

Visit to a friend's farm 4

Visit to a friend's farm 5

Visit to a friend's farm 6

Visit to a friend's farm 7

Visit to a friend's farm 8

Early Tuesday morning we found ourselves 40 miles from home, with an unexpected five and a half hour wait before we needed to be back to pick up Daisy from the vet's office (that's a whole other story, but she  should hopefully be fine).

Rather than spend almost two hours (and all that gas) driving back to the farm for just a few hours, we went over to a friend's farm and watched her do chores instead.

There weren't any puppies or pigs like there were the last time I visited, but there was still plenty of cute to be found, including dozens of lambs and mama sheep.

I zeroed right in on the baby ducks but then got distracted by some very friendly Jersey calves, and I didn't realize until I was back home looking through these photos that despite being there for a couple of hours, I never saw the baby ducks again.

I'm convinced that was Joe's sly doing, as he knows how much I want some ducks—and I know how much he doesn't. (Yes, I know I should just be grateful that he puts up with the seven donkeys, the four indoor cats that he's totally allergic to, and my ever growing collection of pet sheep, but I love ducks—and they even eat flies!)

When I mentioned how much I've always liked those speckled black and white chickens (whose breed I'm now blanking out), our friend asked if I needed some chickens. Joe's mouth opened faster than mine did, and he got out, "No!" before I could say, "Sure!" Of course they would have had to ride with Daisy in the big dog/sheep cage that fits in the back of the pickup (which we actually turned into a chicken tractor last fall and had to steal back from the chickens)—or on my lap.

A quick stroll through a new little antiques/junk mall while we were out and about didn't yield any treasures either (that may have been a first for me, like ever), and there wasn't much room in the truck for groceries or supplies, so we arrived back at the farm with just a big vet bill, a big bag of antibiotic capsules, and our beloved but woozy, 98.3 pound Crazy Daisy.

We're going out again tomorrow, though, sans dog and chicken tractor, and this time we're taking the 16-foot flatbed trailer with us. It's for hauling the closet doors and a whole bunch of glass blocks we're picking up for the new house, but a couple of big junk stores I've never had a chance to investigate just happen to be on the way. . .

We do leave the farm every once in a while:
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  1. Poor Daisy. I hope she recovers quickly. Such a sweet dog!
    I love ducklings, too, and goslings, and lambs, and Bert... which is one of the reasons I read Farmgirl Fare every day!

  2. My Crazy Daisy wishes your Crazy Daisy a speedy recovery.

    I had to laugh at the offer of chickens. That sounds just like my husband and me - he's always jumping in and saying no before I can accept another "free" animal!

  3. Oooo, Jerseys! I really never want a dairy animal (twice-daily milking? no thanks), but if I WERE to ever lose my mind and get a cow, it would be a Jersey. Best milk ever and they're so PRETTY! They got Holsteins beat by a mile.

    The Blackrock crew is sending happy get-well-soon thoughts to Daisy . . .

  4. Oh give Crazy Daisy our love! I hope she is doing well. Those Jerseys are pretty, aren't they? and the chickens - gorgeous!!!


  5. What a day you must have had. I laughed about the way your husband jumped in before you said yes. Sounds so familiar. I hope Daisy gets to feeling better. I would love to spend a day on your farm.


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