Tuesday, May 17

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Why We Laugh at the Thought of Landscaping the Backyard

Why we don't landscape the backyard - Farmgirl Fare mole patrol
Back on the Mole Patrol (in the backyard)

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© FarmgirlFare.com, loving the fact that for the first time ever we have the living room wood stove going in mid May (and the bed still piled with vintage quilts), especially since this will probably be our last night using it. Yes, we really are (finally!) moving out of The Shack and into the (still sort of) new building very soon. No, seriously.


  1. Oh man. I was DYING for a woodstove fire yesterday to drive the cold, dank air out of the house, but there was no ready-to-burn wood available and my husband was too busy to bust up any of the pallets we still have, so I just put on another sweater and tried to remember what it felt like last week when it was so warm I closed the house up against the heat outside.

    Wow. How was that for a run-on sentence?

  2. Bert! I've missed you! Good dog, catch that bad mole...or maybe dig to China!

  3. I think we are all dying to get 'the tour' of the 'new building'. Any chance of a guided tour sometime soon?

    I'm sure you'll miss The ShacK, but you'll make the 'new building' a home and it will be wonderful.

  4. Dear Susan,
    I'm so happy that you are finally going to make the move to the new place. Good things are always worth waiting for, and you have waited a very long time!
    The picture of Bert digging is so funny!! On our farm we had a black lab who was obsessed with woodchucks and there was always dirt flying out from behind his digging paws, and his nose was always brown! Never caught a one, but he sure had fun! Is Bert actually catching moles? What a great addition he is.

  5. I've read that moving to the new building before - will wait on congratulations 'til I see Molly Doodle properly ruling new dwelling! What a hoot about landscaping - I kinda figure landscaping is mowing down the weeds!

  6. I was wearing a heavy jacket, gloves and a sock hat the day before yesterday...

    Weird weather.

  7. Wait. I thought you were moving in 2008. This sounds like the plot of a book.

  8. Hey Everybody,
    Thanks for the comments. :)

    Our weather has been so weird for May. 89 degrees in the shade and felt like 100% humidity, then back down into the (blissful) 30s. The plants are so confused.

    Our friends and family joke that we don't really want to move out of The Shack, but it's not true! :) At this point it seems like nearly every day one more thing breaks/goes wrong. It's at the point where you don't want to say, "What next?" because the ceiling (which has huge leak holes in various spots already) will probably collapse on your head. ;)

    I'm looking forward to sharing some photos of the new space as soon as it's a little more spiffed up and moved into - the piles of extra hardwood flooring moved out of the living room, furniture put in place rather than plunked willy nilly, etc. We can't wait!

    Thankfully Bert has caught at least one big fat mole - since at this point he and Bear have done WAY more damage than the moles, LOL. But watching them dig always cracks me up, especially when they do it together.

    Bert missed the lesson on how not to get a snout full of dirt while digging. Both he and Bear shove their noses into the ground and then sniff for the mole. And then later I wonder why Bert's snuffling and sneezing. ;)

    Yeah, but this time Joe SWEARS we're moving in soon - plus see above re The Shack rapidly falling apart. ;) He also (I think) jokes that the cats aren't making the move!

    It's more like a soap opera, where there's about 5 minutes of action in an hour long episode. Or football time. ;)


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