Saturday, July 30

Saturday Dose of Cute: Good Boy, Bert (Sort Of)

Bert and Mr. Fancy Pants 1 -

More photos below. . .
Bert and Mr. Fancy Pants 2 -

Bert is extremely well behaved around the chickens, even when being subjected to close scrutiny by (the recently named) Mr. Fancy Pants (look how less fancy he used to be!) or surrounded by a feathered forum. Now if only he would pay so little attention to eggs. Yep, our beagle pup Bert is an egg thief, and Mr. Fancy Pants is inspecting a shell.

Some of our free ranging hens prefer to lay their eggs in nests on the ground in various spots around the farmyard rather than in the nesting boxes that hang several feet off the floor in their coop, and it didn't take Bert long to figure that out.

I really can't blame him for devouring something tasty he discovered all by himself—all four of our dogs are always finding things to eat around the farm—but it did take a while before we figured out that egg production hadn't actually gone down.

Now that Bert is well aware that egg stealing isn't allowed, the thievery has mostly stopped—or he's just gotten a whole lot sneakier.

I hope you're staying out of trouble this weekend—or at least aren't getting caught!

Want to get to know Bert better? Read the story of how he joined the farm family here, and then see what he's been up to here.

Need a louder cock-a-doodle-doo? The big noise makers are cooped up here.

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  1. Mr Fancy Pants is gorgeous!! He should be entered in a rooster beauty contest don't you think?

  2. Mr. Fancy Pants is the most gorgeous rooster! Love that Bert...even if he is a thief!

  3. That's one gorgeous rooster. Bert looks pretty watchful just in case Mr Fancy Pants tries something...

  4. Our Labs are also egg thiefs. They search the pasture for guinea eggs. We have to try and get to them first.

  5. My dogs eat pig poo... Eggs are most certainly better.

  6. Well done Bert! My dogs would be having chicken to dinner!

  7. Mr Fancy Pants is a very Hot Guy, look at that coloring on him, and of course Mr Bert is just a super cutie, think it is wonderful the way everybody seems to get along so well,Thanks for the pics!

  8. What a gorgeous rooster Mr. Fancy Pants is! Can't really blame Bert, our dog Buddy loves the eggs too!

  9. Mr. Fancy Pants is certainly well-named! What a hottie! And of course, we all love Bert - I love how he is always 'where the action is'. Obviously, very clever and very smart!!


  10. My Aunt Bea used to say "there's nothing worse than an egg-suckin' dog." I think she was referring to a politician at the time. And I disagree, a dog that kills chickens is much worse. A friend says her horses will eat eggs, too, if a hen happens to lay in their manger.

  11. I have seen this with my roosters, he is trying to show that he is in charge! I love roosters.

  12. A perfect name for such an elaborate looking rooster.

  13. My half grown pup (a Welsh-Winnie, she's Corgi and Dachshund) gets that intense look, in fact she is doing it now... staring at Joey, my African Grey parrot... great shots..I smiled!

  14. That little devil. He looks guilty too.

  15. Loving the name Mr Fancy Pants!

    Hope Bert stays away from those eggs!

  16. What a gorgeous rooster!!! He'd get a blue ribbon for sure at our little county fair! (great name, too!)


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